The Spiritual Art of Observation

Perhaps a simple concept:  Observation. 

Learning to just observe can be quite a challenge.

Though the act of observation underlies almost all significant spiritual practice.

So simple yet very challenging.

What is Observation?

Observation is looking at a situation either within or in the circumstances around.

Observation is giving attention to, taking in the awareness of, standing witness to.

Observation is of the whole.

Why is Observation Challenging?

The challenge:  observation is not judgment.

Observation is not dissecting into the itty-bitty parts and figuring out how and why.

Observation is not of the parts.

In Observation, take in the whole and refrain as best as possible from drawing conclusion.

Watch, do not add.

From the view of wholeness, observe all: feeling, thought, motion, intention, knowing.

Practice Observation:

Pick a day and begin the day with the intention of observing BE-ing.

Be open to how ever it may come: observe BE-ing.

In order to observe BE-ing, the first step may be to begin by observing if you can observe or not.  That’s fine.

Observe BE-ing.

At the end of the day write down what was observed.

Pick another day and begin the day with the intention of observing Becoming.

Observe Becoming.

On a third day, observe balance.

On a fourth day, observe resistance.

On the fifth day, observe how the previous days might have shifted something inside, including the ability to observe.

NOTE:  Remember that the “success” of spiritual practice isn’t really about what is accomplished as it is about attention and observation of the process experienced.  Spiritual journey is the journey not the destination.

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