The Up Choice at the Crossroads

At a crossroads, choice seems apparent: left, right, straight.

Sometimes life is that clear-cut.

At the crossroads, feel into your truth, choose, and allow your life to move on.

However, there are moments where no matter the logic of the moment nor the feeling in your gut, nothing helps you discern your truthful choice.

The more you look, the more pressure you feel to make a choice – the right choice.

The perfect choice to settle all trouble and clear all roads.

Maybe you stand at the crossroads long enough to begin to feel there is something wrong with you because you can’t make a choice.

Or maybe you forced a choice just to make a choice and proceeded forward – yet something still doesn’t feel right.

Go back and know this: at the crossroads, choice isn’t just left, right, or straight.

There is a fourth possibility:

The Up Choice.

Yes, the Up Choice.

The unexpected choice.

The choice beyond logical limitations.

The choice which takes you into expanded possibility.

Essentially, that Up Choice suggests that motion forward in life comes within the unexpected, within the direction you may have dismissed or denied.

A crossroads is an intersection of the logically possible and the potentially improbable.

If you immediately dismiss any possibility as impossible, then you will be stuck feeling disconnected from truth and opportunity.

At the crossroads, left, right, and straight are certainly possibilities – but not the ONLY possibilities.

At the crossroads, you are offered the opportunity to see beyond limitation and expectation, beyond judgment and fear.

You gotta dig deep to entertain the Up Choice.

You gotta give yourself some space, a gap, or an opportunity to see beyond the limits of your mind and the fear lurking in your heart.

When you come to a crossroads, a decision point:

Open to possibility.

Allow the choice of the unexpected.

Choose to look beyond limitation and find your Up Choice.

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