The Threshold of Liminal Awareness


Limen, from Latin: threshold

Liminal. At the threshold. In the space between being and becoming. Moving past what is, not quite to what will be.

In the Liminal, there is all and there is nothing. All possibility, no creation, not yet.

In the Liminal, there are no rules, standards, or expectations. Absent are requirements, codes, and musts.

In the Liminal is presence, awareness of this moment and consciousness of possible trajectory. In this moment is all without guarantee or assurance.

In the Liminal is me, just as I am, ready to pivot into the fullness of becoming within the infinite possibility which is me.

In the Liminal is where I want to be as each minute of my soul prepares to step into the river of time, present to the pause of this moment flowing into the next.

In the Liminal, awareness guides beyond by moving first from within.

I stand in the Liminal free to be me without expectation or demand. Simply as I am, open to all: above and below; was, is, will be.

Liminal. Here at the threshold.

The threshold of my liminal awareness is a door frame held by the boundlessness, offering perspective of my choosing. The threshold as infinite focus from the cosmic nebula of divine, creative motion to the eternity held within a grain of sand.

At the threshold, there are no demands. There is but presence, awareness and desire to guide from this moment of being to this moment of becoming.

Here many times in my life. Always here now at the threshold. Standing in liminal awareness that I am at the threshold of my being and becoming. Within the boundlessness.

This threshold is my point of awareness of this moment. In breath flows both possibility and knowing.

At this threshold is all of me and All That Is. Vast connection between my knowing and the inherent, transcendent Unknowable.

Liminal. Here at the threshold. Within the Boundlessness of all that will be.


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