Top Eight Benefits of Affirmations

I know firsthand the top eight benefits of Affirmations!

In their simplicity, Affirmations are easy to overlook or dismiss as beneficial.

However, the point of Affirmations is to shift the direction of your habits — those habits and stories which no longer serve the best of who you are!

An Affirmation is one sentence to change your life.

And it does so by taking an old story or outdated belief and flipping either into empowering words for a new direction in life.

Here’s my list of top eight benefits! And for each benefit, I provide an affirmation to help you with shift.

First Benefit:

Affirmations don’t need fancy cushions or expensive mats to be effective.

They also don’t require years of practice to realize benefit because benefit comes immediately in your first Affirmation.

Quietly and quickly repeatable throughout the day, all that might be needed is a card or piece of paper where the affirmation is written as a visual reminder.

I can easily incorporate affirmations as I transform my life.

Second Benefit:

Affirmations help you transform your body, mind, heart, and soul.

In repeating an affirmation, words touch all aspects of your energy – body, mind, heart and soul.

New affirmations come from your learning trajectory, guiding growth to new levels of awareness and contemplation.

Affirmations connect with personal energy flow and support movement, rather than the stagnation desired by the critical voice.

My transformation creates balance through all of me, body, mind, heart, and soul.

Next is the Third Benefit:

Affirmations can help get to heart truth and body wisdom.

Affirmations help transcend the outward-orientation of life, shifting instead to looking for truth first within the balance of heart and mind, body and soul.

Affirmations support awareness of the soul’s natural expression, offering guidance to follow personal truth found at center and in your inner voice of truth.

Affirmations also incorporate the body’s wisdom.

The best affirmation in the moment is the one which resonates – which literally feels right.

As the fog of the critical voice begins to clear, you realize that all of you is capable to guide yourself forward.

Your personal process of transformation happens over and over again as you have now found your way to hearing self-truth and body wisdom.

Affirmations power personal transformation.

I trust my heart’s truth and my body’s wisdom.

Here’s the fourth benefit:

The truth of an Affirmation helps you counter your critical voice.

During self-growth, when learning is put into resonating words, a wonderful self-support system is created.

The positive character of an Affirmation describes truth, countering negative beliefs with positive statements of truth.

The likelihood that this new perspective described in the affirmation will stay is substantially increased by using the affirmation in a daily, consistent practice.

I counter my critical voice with my truth.

Let’s take a break!

Found anything new to understand about Affirmations?

Are you getting that one of the main benefits is how Affirmation help you shift what you think and say about yourself?

Fifth Benefit:

The self-learning which happens with Affirmation fuels spiritual growth.

On the spiritual journey, spiritual practice and experience help identify something — a thought, a belief, a habit, a story — which no longer serves.

Letting go may be a simple decision to move in a different direction.

Or more intense focus through additional avenues such as meditation, acupuncture, energy healing, Akashic Record Readings, prayer, or mindfulness may be needed to work through and release the blocks which stand in the way of learning and healing.

Whatever the personal experience, using an affirmation to reinforce and finalize the shift of the learning and healing is a powerful way to ensure the change and growth of the spiritual journey.

In life’s journey, my learning fuels expanded growth.

Now the Sixth Benefit:

Affirmations help reverse negative self-belief.

Affirmations counter negative self-belief by shining a light on the untrue and the unsupportive.

The words of the affirmation state new belief which support your ability to learn and use this learning as a powerful vehicle for transforming your life.

I have the power to reverse negative self-belief.

Moving along to the Seventh Benefit:

Affecting all levels of self, body, mind, heart and soul, speaking truth out loud is the most powerful challenge to the false beliefs of the critical voice.

The speaking voice as it says an affirmation, upholds truth and affirms healing and balance.

The physical response affects the condition and quality of every aspect of the physical body and releases the energy of negative belief held literally in the cells of the body.

Speak to transform.

I find power in saying truth out loud.

Now the promised Eighth Benefit:

Affirmations shift habit to support personal truth.

The words of an affirmation take the words of habit and flip them into a positive direction.

I can’t do anything becomes I am learning that I am capable. I hate myself becomes I am learning that I am worthy of love.

I shift habit to support me and my truth.

Here’s the deal on Affirmations and their benefits:

As you become more aware of yourself, perhaps begin a spiritual journey, you will become aware of your critical voice.

You’ll become aware of the negative self-talk and how this voice supports thoughts, feelings, and beliefs which are no longer helpful.

The practice of affirmations is the most powerful choice to combat, release, and banish all of the negative back talk.

Affirmations fill the void with positive energy and point you in the right direction.

By repeating an Affirmations out loud daily, the critical voice is countered with the balanced truth of new thoughts and ideas.

An Affirmation voices personal truth and begins to shift the contents of mind away from the erroneous notions of the critical voice.

As the critical voice quiets, the balanced voice of heart and mind begin to have room to guide and support healing and learning.

This positive atmosphere shifts all levels of awareness and counters the unconscious aspects of the critical voice.

Affirmations are not a magic pill which make everything perfect immediately.

Your critical voice has been working your entire life so some time and effort on your part is required.

However, with some consistency, you will begin to notice change within.

Life will feel lighter and your outlook will shift to a much deeper sense of clarity and understanding.

I find clarity by releasing my critical voice.

Here’s all the affirmations together, to help you see the journey that you can begin by incorporating the benefit of Affirmations into your life and spiritual practice:

I can easily incorporate affirmations as I transform my life.

My transformation creates balance through all of me, body, mind, heart, and soul.

I trust my heart’s truth and my body’s wisdom.

I counter my critical voice with my truth.

In life’s journey, my learning fuels expanded growth.

I have the power to reverse negative self-belief.

I find power in saying truth out loud.

I shift habit to support me and my truth.

I find clarity by releasing my critical voice.

To dive deeper into the spiritual practice of affirmations, begin here: What is an Affirmation?

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