Top Fifteen Quotes about the Akashic Records

I get asked all the time for the top fifteen quotes about the Akashic Records.

There’s so much great stuff out there, and I’ll do another piece that pulls from some of my favorite sources and speakers.

In the meantime, here’s a sampling of some of the best inspirational quotes about the Akashic Records that I’ve put to paper and I refer back to these often.

I hope you enjoy and that these Akashic Records quotes spark some interesting ideas for you!

About Trust

Top Quote about Trust

“Theoretically, yes, you may do this without a teacher. And there are those who do. But the biggest challenge to learning to open the Akashic Records, at the deepest levels, is trust. Can you trust yourself to open the Akashic Records? Can you trust what you receive? Can you trust the Akashic Records or that you are even properly connected? TRUST – that’s the biggest roadblock.”

Naomi gazes at me. I watch her process, take in.

“So, you are saying that the teacher will help you with trust?”

“Yes, a teacher can hold a learning space for you which supports your ability to trust yourself and deepen that trust.”

Working with a teacher of integrity, who holds sacred space for students, allows the student to take the opportunity to enter into the unlimited depths of the Akashic Records.

“Whoa! I think I’m getting this! But I had no idea of the possible depth.” Naomi shakes her head, her arms, her legs, and then gives her entire body a stretch and another shake.

About the Soul’s Connection to Divine Knowing

About the Soul’s Connection to Divine Knowing

The Akashic Records offer a process to connect with the divine knowing of your soul in this moment.

When someone opens your Akashic Records, you have access to both information and knowing.

You don’t get it all in one large dump truck full.

Instead what comes is always in response to your asking, to your intention in this moment.

And you only receive what you can integrate in the moment.

When I offer Akashic Record Readings, my clients find that the broad perspective of the Akashic Records reveals options when there didn’t seem to be any before.

And though the broadness can seem intimidating, there is comfort and support, clarity about fears and blocks, and paths for release and healing.

Quote About Pure Potential Energy

About Pure Potential Energy

The Akashic Records are in that part of the Universe where there is no physical form, no matter, only pure potential energy.

There is no linear time, no resistance, only divine, sacred potential. Many call this space God or divine source.

To enter the Akashic Records, I use a straightforward process of a visualization and a blessing.

The process opens a conduit or channel between here and the origin point of the soul where the Akashic Records are accessed.

Through this connection I send my conscious intention, and I can interact with the collective awareness or guides of my Records.

The response comes in many forms and is unique to each individual, but most often is like a conversation with a friend and may include words, feelings, pictures, and sounds.

About the Memory of God

About the Memory of God

The common thread which connects the idea of the Akashic Records with most spiritual traditions around the world is the idea of the memory of God.

Common to many religions is the idea of God knowing us and making note of the deeds and events in human life.

In India, Yama, the god of death, has a recording secretary, Chitra Gupta, who records human deeds – a record to be consulted by Yama at the time of death to determine the conditions of afterlife.

The Norn of Scandinavian culture, the Fates of Roman myth, and the weighing of the heart by Thoth in ancient Egypt are all additional examples of God’s attention to the destiny of humanity.

In the Christian Bible, the Book of Revelation uses the Book of Life on the day of final judgment.

These stories show that there is interaction between the divine and humanity. Connection. Exchange. An unveiling of the mysteries of the transcendent.

That God knows us and remembers us is universal and not limited to one religion or one culture.

Divine memory or divine knowing exists as a characteristic of transcendent source around the world.

About Divine Expression and the Akashic Records

About Divine Expression

The Akashic Records represent the possibility of human interaction with transcendent, divine expression.

Boundless and ineffable, the Akashic Records emerge at the point of conscious knowing.

Limited only by personal belief, the Akashic Records offer a process to connect with awareness within the boundlessness.

This gives a view of the soul’s journey through the infinite and the eternal.

Shared origin, not separated from, we and the Akashic Records joined in the collective effort of knowing.

That’s five of fifteen quotes on the Akashic Records so far!

What are you picking up?

What’s new and different?

Any ideas which really connect and resonate?

I’ll keep going!

About the Soul’s Spiritual Practice of Knowing

About the Soul’s Spiritual Practice of Knowing

The Akashic Records as the soul’s spiritual practice of knowing.

By letting go of linear time as the arbiter of physical existence, we are freed to step away from the force of fate.

When fate is decided for us, fate is unescapable.

Bound by fate, getting the right bits of information becomes the goal to stand a chance against the intractable motion of fate.

As a source of definitive answers, the book metaphor of the Akashic Records is both tempting and reassuring because it offers a potential source of information.

The offer is of the thing we think we need to deal with fate.

Yet, when unhinging from a dependency on linear time, life opens to the freedom of destiny and the possibility of choice.

And in choice, knowing may be claimed as a guide within the soul’s journey on Earth.

In other words, we find within ourselves a process that can be learned from within, releasing dependency on acquiring a thing to make release possible.

Knowing as a process acknowledges the transcendence.

Instead of trying to second guess the direction of the divine, the process supports our ability to trust the choice found in our heart’s balance.

In this place of trust, the Akashic Records open within new understanding, no longer restricted by the conceptions of the past.

Freed to find self as soul, the Akashic Records become practice within the spiritual nature of what we are and can become.

Now, truly free to move beyond outer restrictions and begin, the student may learn a new process and find a new inner path based on personal choice and trust.

About Trust and Truth

About Trust and Truth

Learning how to connect with the knowing of the Akashic Records is a process of trust and a process of learning to hear your truth.

By becoming comfortable with truth and trust within your own Records, you create the possibility of being able to hear and to receive truth and act within trust outside of the Akashic Records.

Know that the Akashic Records have no intent to create dependency.

There is no expectation that you should come to your Akashic Records for answers to every question and decision in your life.

Quite the contrary, the intent is independence and the focus is on truth and trust.

You are an amazing human being and have the capacity for greatness every day.

The Akashic Records want nothing more than to foster this independence that you may claim the deep truth of your deepest expression as a fully integrated spiritual-physical being.

The Akashic Records as Spiritual Practice

The Akashic Records as Spiritual Practice by Cheryl Marlene

The process of learning to open your Akashic Records and then the practice of opening your Akashic Records on a consistent basis is spiritual practice in its most essential expression.

Within the experience of opening your Akashic Records, knowing and healing join with spiritual practice as the three most important reasons for you to learn to open your Akashic Records.

In doing so, you are learning to connect with the deepest, most amazing parts of yourself and stepping into a place of continual self-discovery and personal spiritual development.

About Your Conscious Permission

About Your Conscious Permission

No one may gain access to your Akashic Record without your conscious permission.

Your clearly stated intention is required to receive from your Akashic Records.

Without your conscious permission, your intention cannot be expressed and your Akashic Record cannot be, should not be, opened.

The most important Agreement for any student to embrace is that they will never open the Akashic Records without conscious permission.

Nor may the student offer to open the Akashic Records for another.

Why is this so important?

Everything comes from the Akashic Records through intention.

In offering or opening without conscious permission from another, the opening is tainted by the opener’s ego and opinions.

With conscious permission, the person asking is clearly stating self-responsibility and self-intention.

Without permission, the self- responsibility is blocked and erroneously transferred.

With clear intention and responsibility, the Akashic Records Reading can respond at the deepest levels as knowing, healing, and spiritual practice.

Questions and an Akashic Record Reading

About Your Conscious Permission

An Akashic Record Reading proceeds through the questions and issues raised by the person whose Akashic Records have been opened.

Everything flows from the Akashic Records through intention.

Intention is best expressed through the asking of questions or the raising of concerns.

When your Akashic Records are opened, the opening is guided by your intention and not the intention of the person who has accessed the Akashic Records on your behalf.

If the Akashic Record Reader voices opinions or suggests questions, the Reader is acting inappropriately and against the Agreements.

This interference disrupts the clear expression of your intention.

Now we have gotten through ten of fifteen quotes about the Akashic Records!

Maybe you are picking up that I look at the Akashic Records through the lens of energy?

It’s been like this for me from the very beginning of my experience.

Now it’s become second nature and is the primary reason that I have enjoyed my journey and gotten so much out of it.

By looking at the Akashic Records from the perspective of the soul’s energy flow, there is much that can be understood.


About the Infinite and Eternal of the Akashic Records

About The Infinite and Eternal of the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

“Let’s step back a bit. To understand the Akashic Records outside of the book metaphor, there is but one starting point: energy. Everything is energy. Does that make sense to you?”

Naomi pauses, contemplating. “Yes, I would agree. Everything I can think of is at some fundamental level, energy.”

“The Akashic Records, as energy, exist and stream from the infinite and eternal beyond any sense of linear time.”

“Oh? What type of energy is eternal?”

“In a sense all energy is at some point eternal, beyond the known of everyday existence. Eternal energy can be thought of as pure consciousness, 100% potential, the boundlessness of the unmanifested, divine source – all terms attempting to define origins which are unknowable and unproveable at this point. Within the infinite and eternal, linear time notions do not apply.”

“Then energetically, how do the Akashic Records deal with time if they are beyond past, present, and future?”

“In a nonlinear perspective, past, present, and future occur all at once: now, in this moment. This means that the infinite and eternal nature of you originates in and from your soul. Just like the Akashic Records, your soul’s origin is infinite and eternal. Thus, any response from the Akashic Records comes now, in this moment from your soul’s point of view.”

Healing is Balance

Healing and Balance in the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

The Akashic Records are always in balance, always aware where balance is, and respond to you within an awareness of your balance.

Therefore, balance is not something that needs to be created.

Balance always is.

Healing is balance.

The energetic shift called healing is experienced when balance is felt.

Thus, in the Akashic Records, at its most primary level, healing is awareness of where balance is in the present moment.

Learning how to focus on knowing as a process supports your ability to feel balance because the feeling of balance comes through the same process of awareness as does knowing.

About the Nonlinear Information of the Akashic Records

About the Nonlinear Information of the Akashic Records

“Let me put it this way. When you step away from viewing the Akashic Records through some type of linear perception, then you begin on a path to understanding that which comes from beyond the descriptions of book, library, or facts.”

“So, is there such a thing as nonlinear information?” she pushes.

“The short answer is yes, nonlinear information exists.” I begin. “But, it’s not a thing, either. Nonlinear information is a process of how we become aware.

“A process? A process of what?” Doubt showing on her face.

“Think of it this way. We tend to think of information as solid, formed, something to be acquired. This perception comes out of thinking from a linear point of view.”

“Ok, I can follow that.” Naomi agrees. “But if not linear, then what?”

I take a deep breath to slow myself down a bit.

“Begin by thinking of knowing as a process of connected awareness, generated by the soul, within the body, mind, and heart of each person.”

“So, knowing begins in the soul?”

“Yep! Remember that knowing is a process of how we know, how we become aware, or gather what is knowable in this moment.”

Naomi takes her own deep breath.

“Like you said, a process”

“Yes! In other words, nonlinear information is knowing.”

Naomi stares at me and repeats, “Knowing is nonlinear information.”

I watch it sink in.

“Wow!” She pauses, breathes in again. “Ok, go on, please!”

I pause, feeling the next words beginning to build.

“Let me break this down a bit. Knowing is the process of becoming aware of what you know, because knowing speaks from the soul and the infinite and the eternal, through body, mind and heart.”

“Wait just a minute!”

Naomi begins to tick several fingers.

“No longer a book to open and read. No longer something with just past, present, and future,” she begins.

“Yes, you got it!”

“Not a something,” she continues. “Rather a process. A process which is connected to the depth of me, making itself known just like any awareness that I have.”

“Yes! That’s why trust is so important. Because anything which comes to you when you open the Akashic Records will do so through all the ways you know: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, feeling. You need trust to discern the difference between you and the Akashic Records.”

About Knowing and the Akashic Records

Everything is energy.
All energy exists on a continuum from potential to form.

About Knowing

Directly applying this understanding to the Akashic Records, at the potential end of the continuum, the Akashic Records are about knowing, the process of how you know.

Potential arises from divine source as infinite and eternal expression to flow into physical form.

On the form end of the continuum, the Akashic Records are about information because this is the form knowing takes as it moves from spiritual to physical.

The Akashic Records exist across the entirety of the energy continuum. This means that the Akashic Records are not just a source of information.

The Akashic Records are a process which emerges from divine knowing and supports you in discovering your process of knowing.

As you begin, this is an important distinction to keep in mind.

You open your Akashic Records not just for answers but to develop and refine your process of trusting yourself to receive your truth.

Opening your Akashic Records is not a matter of right or wrong. As spiritual practice, opening is about balance and alignment, connection and resonance.

Learning trust within the Akashic Records helps you learn to trust yourself to receive your truth in all aspects of your life.

Because the Akashic Records exist across the entirety of the energy continuum, the Records are accessible in various ways within the different aspects of the continuum from potential to form.

The method you may learn from me accesses the Akashic Records within potential, from within the energy of the origin of your soul.

With this intention, you will learn to step into the perspective of your soul and see not from the body’s point of view but from the perspective of your soul.

Accessing in this way creates the opportunity for you to begin a journey within the deep road of the Akashic Records.

This deep road is both metaphor for and direct experience of the deep unknown as it melts into the infinite unknowable.

Not to worry—you will begin within the energy which resonates with you.

With practice, and as your trust expands, the deep road will open naturally for you, allowing your exploration into the depth you desire and yearn to experience.

The Deep Road of the Akashic Records

The Deep Road of the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

You begin within the safety of basics and, over time, build and expand your connection with the Akashic Records. The safe road is not the major portion of your journey.

The deeper road—this is your focus now. To get to this road requires letting go of safe and control and guarantee.

The deeper road goes straight into the heart of the unknown, challenging fear, thumbing your nose at blame and doubt, leaving expectation in the dust.

The deeper road doesn’t open for you because you’re better than, or further along, or higher up. The deeper road opens to you when you lay down your demand to play safe.

You willingly move into the unknown because you trust, and because truth is the only safety you need now.

Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or are further down the path, the deeper road isn’t a reward or destination.

The deeper road opens because exploring stirs a rare excitement in your soul, makes your heart beat in loving anticipation.

Within the deeper road, you are not worried about whether you are ready because you have accepted yourself as you are in this moment, with love.

Your mind is intrigued by your inner light, as it prepares you for whatever may be, as you enter your deeper road.

Gone are the linear blinders, and you freely choose the dynamic perspective of the boundlessness of All That Is.

That’s fifteen quotes about the Akashic Records!

I hope that these have offered a new perspective and new points to consider your journey with the Akashic Records.

If you would like to learn about my other books on the Akashic Records, here’s my entire book list.

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