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Trauma Release Reading with Cheryl Marlene

Trauma Release Reading with Cheryl

Trauma Release is Heart Release

Fight or Flight??

In the face of danger or an emotionally overwhelming situation, some run and some fight.

And?there is a third option:?Freeze!

In a fearful situation, most will freeze, like a deer caught in the headlights.

Breath stops. Heart clenches. Body tightens.

The energy which was in motion, freezes. Stopped upon its path, not able to complete its motion.

At the?origin of trauma: frozen energy. ?Frozen non-motion.

Fear has surged and overwhelmed the system causing shut down.

And there is a split — the frozen energy is separated from conscious awareness. ?The impact of the emotion is too much to be dealt with in the moment.

Trauma will exist in this split state until attended to.

And while the cause may be pushed away from consciousness, over time traumatic symptoms such as emotional and physical pain, numbness or anxiety may develop and fester.

The greatest barrier to release of trauma: the rational mind.

Why?? Because getting to the origin of trauma is heart work, not mind work.

To release trauma, look beyond reason and into the emotion and reaction of fear.

Find the reason why the heart protects and transcends rational thought.

The release of trauma must also go beyond the mind and into the heart.

Trauma release is heart release.

Healing Trauma in the Akashic Records

Within the Akashic Records, trauma release may?occur when:

  • The source of the traumatic split is identified
  • The energy unfrozen and
  • The motion on all levels returned to wholeness and balance.?

Ironically, there is often a gift or point of growth in the release which offers an opportunity to understand self on a deeply level.

Heart release always reveals a gift of the soul.

Trauma Release with Cheryl:

Helps you overcome the limits of mind to get to your heart.

Safely guides you through profound heart release.

Not necessary to re-live events to release

Empowers recovery to a new you free of traumatic pain

Establishes inner balance and authentic connection with self and others.

How Cheryl Offers Trauma Release

Because of her own personal journey through trauma release, Cheryl has a powerful mastery with trauma in and beyond the Akashic Records.?

Within guidance from your Akashic Records, Cheryl uses several techniques often in combination to support release and balance.

  • Cheryl?s primary technique can drill down through the layers of fear and protection to identify the source and cause of the trauma.
  • Cheryl will also scan the physical body, the pain body and the Soul Channel for frozen energy and splits as well as other forms of trauma.
  • Cheryl will also work with your Akashic Records and other forms of Divine Assistance to create a process of release and restoration.? If and when you are ready, she will support and guide you in this process as you let go and claim a new path of wholeness and balance.
  • Cheryl will also provide support in releasing any habits, stories, blocks or beliefs which have developed over time to maintain the trauma.? Through affirmations and energetic healing, new approaches will be offered and infused into the new you.

Signs of Possible Trauma

  • Feeling numb or nothing either in part of the body or within heart or mind.
  • Unexplainable pain which may be persistent or re-occur at either predictable or random intervals.
  • Fear of specific or random people, places, events or experiences.? For example: fear of heights, of the dentist, or of flying.
  • Seasonal feelings or experiences which come or go or intensify or lessen with or across one or more seasons.
  • Anxiousness or panic attacks
  • Knowledge of traumatic life events
  • Past or future life events
  • Hesitation, anxiousness or fear to move, to go places, or to get out.

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