Twelve Pressure Points of Modern Life

Twelve Pressure Points of Modern Life describe the points at which our personal work needs to be focused to find Power-Within and step away from Power-Over. This is an excerpt from my book, To Do Your Work.

These are short definitions of the twelve pressure points I write about in To Do Your Work. Each definition is followed by an affirmation which shifts the individual toward physical-spiritual integration of Arrival energy.

Delusion of Power-Over

As a power dynamic, Power-Over exists when one person exerts control, influence, or authority over another within the belief that the one exerting control is of greater value than the person being controlled.

Personal choice is always available for me.

Blind Production

Blind Production is the mistaken belief that something must be done or produced to prove personal worth and value as a human being. This belief drives a personal search for external validation to feel valuable, wanted, and worthy.

My personal worth is intrinsic; no proof necessary or required.

Self-Belief Displacement

The mistaken notion that external authority is a better source of personal truth than the self-belief of personal power.

My inner core of personal power is infinitely capable.

Disconnection within Mass Consciousness

Mass Consciousness uses the inherent interconnection of humanity as a tool of manipulation and coercion to enforce the belief that personal truth is only found through external authority.

I listen to my heart to hear my truth.

Manipulation through Fear

Fear is used as a tool of manipulation to undermine belief in the personal capacity to thrive.

I transform fear into self-resiliency.

Service Misplacement

The mistaken notion that to be in service proves self-worth.

Within personal power, I direct my life for me.

Fallacy of Control

Spurred by threat and fear, control is a tool employed to guarantee tomorrow with certainty.

I trust myself to respond adeptly to the unexpected and the unknown.

Deception of Standards

Within the belief that personal worth must be proven is the illusion that there is a set of standards by which self-value is measured.

I begin within as I seek to understand.

Misdirection of Future is All

Future is All is the belief that personal agency of this moment must always be deferred to the promise of future rewards at end of life.

I live my life in the present moment, here, now.

Calculation of Blame

To maintain all positions of domination, Power-Over blames the weak and the outsider, the unknown and the unacceptable.

I am responsible for myself first and always.

Myth of Scarcity

The Myth of Scarcity is built on the belief that personal autonomy is endangered. Therefore, there is only ever enough for the chosen few.

Self-acceptance is the foundation of my infinite well-being.

Oppression of Coercive Hate

When all else fails, hatred and violence are justified to eradicate the individual’s capacity to thrive.

Power Within, I choose to thrive.

Twelve Pressure Points of Modern Life is an excerpt from my book, To Do Your Work. To read other excerpts from this work-in-progress, start here.

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Cheryl has expanded the collective understanding of the Akashic Records beyond the outdated myths of yesterday into a dynamic healing spiritual practice of divine and human consciousness. She consults in the Akashic Records with clients around the world through one-on-one sessions, extensive research, and future-driven, strategic business development.

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