The universe, eternity, the infinite are typified by the sphere … On a?sphere every point is a center, and every point is the highest point, and?this explains the puzzle of time and space. There never was a beginning of?time, and there never will be an end. ?Time always is. ?Any number of?trillions of years hence, and any number… past, and you are just as near?the end, or the beginning, of Time as now, and no nearer. This moment?is the center of Time, this instant is the highest point in the revolving?sphere. The same with that other form of Time, Space. There is no end to?Space, and no beginning. This point where you now stand, this chair, this?tree, is the center of Space; it all balances from this point. Go to the?farthest fixed star and . . . . you have only arrived at Here. Your own?doorstep is just as near the limit, and no nearer. This is the puzzle of?puzzles, but it is so.

John Burroughs, Journals, January 15, 1882


P.S. ?The picture is the pale blue dot referred to by Carl Sagan. ?Otherwise known as Earth.