Use Motion to Release Fear

Fear creeps into the cells of your body and freezes energetic motion. Emotionally frozen, intellectually stilted, it’s hard to feel confident, to feel safe, to feel open. It’s hard to connect heart to heart. Fear paralyzes and overwhelms, making love scary.

Interestingly, motion will counter fear. Getting outside, breathing fresh air, walks, and bare feet on grass will literally help clear the air of a stagnant physical body and release the fear. The body’s physical motion cleanses the cells and refreshes energetic pathways. Each breath in releases fear, making room for more supportive personal choices. Aired out, love coats the cells and empowers the body.

On the emotional side, the motion of spiritual practice counters embodied fear, releasing what no longer serves. While chanting, mantras, prayer, and sacred reading are all helpful, nothing more elaborate than a simple affirmation and purposeful breathing are required. In fact, getting worked up over the perfect practice can have the opposite effect, expanding fear rather than eliminating.

Take a deep breath and say, “I love myself. I release my fear now.” Exhale, letting the fear flow out. Each breath in cleanses. Each breath out lightens the load.

Releasing fear opens the heart to experience love. Without fear, offering love doesn’t feel too vulnerable or too scary. Without fear, trust helps receive love.

Fearless, heart opens and embraces the beauty of the world and the love of self.

Give yourself the opportunity to consider using motion to release fear by asking yourself this question:

How do I allow fear to get in the way of my ability to love?


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