Weekly Affirmation: I Open the Door of My Heart to Learn Always

The purpose of life: Learn. Love. Repeat.

You are here to learn because in learning you grow, expand, and move into the deeper road of who you are and can become.

Being is this moment. Becoming is being open to who you are and the next moment.

Learning is how you process this motion of being and becoming.

Learning is how you open your heart to love.

Love is the ability to give full attention to the being and becoming of everyone and everything.

Embracing learning in your life is the conduit to your heart and the deepest capacity of your being and becoming to exist within hearts love.

Learn. Love. Repeat.

I open the door of my heart to learn always.

As spiritual practice, affirmations are an amazing method to release old habits and outdated beliefs. Once a week Cheryl offers a new affirmation to assist you in the subtle yet very helpful shifts in your life. You may take in all current Affirmations here.  Plus Cheryl also offers a great –and free! — e-book on creating and using Affirmations Power Personal Transformation.

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