Weekly Question: How Do I Want Gratitude to Express in My Life in 2019?

How do I want gratitude to express in my life in 2019?

Look at your gratitude list. First, think about your year again—anything missing?

Now ask yourself this question:Based on my list, what five ideas did I learn about myself?In other words, what did your experience this year help you understand about yourself?

The idea is this:instead of letting your life slide by, reflect on your experience and what you learned in the process. Think seriously. Think and move beyond denial and deflection. Move into your deeper road.

Write those ideas down. Maybe there are more than five. And take more than five minutes to reflect and consider. Take a walk and let awareness of you and your learning over the last twelvemonths move towards you.Let this be a rabbit-hole experience taking you further than you expect.

* * * *

Look at your gratitude list again. Is there anything else to be aware of from your year? Any patterns? Write down anything which comes.

Is there anything you want to acknowledge in this moment about 2018? Bring your learning from 2018 into this moment. That’s what acknowledgement does. Creates present moment awareness from past experience.

Now it’s time to turn your attention to your future.

Thinking about your gratitude list and your five self learnings, ask:

How do I want gratitude to express in my life in 2019?

Is gratitude in the moment? In my experience? In my expression? How will gratitude show up in my relationships? For myself? How do I live an attitude of gratitude?

Sit with this a bit. Let your awareness open and flow, a river coming to you quickly and easily. To complete the circle, ask yourself:

What five experiences do I want to be part of my life in 2019?

The word experience is used intentionally. Open your mind and heart beyond goal and resolution. Open to possibility beyond expectation. Harness your gratitude and feel into the flow of experience around you and within you.

Knowing failure is impossible, what do you want to experience for yourself in 2019?


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