Weekly Question: What Blocks Me From Hearing the Truth of My Heart?

Life brings a full flow filled with a vast array of experiences. Some experiences uplift and expand, offering an opportunity to move beyond. Other experiences challenge understanding and hurt the heart.

In the hurt, the habit is to cover, protect, hide to avoid future pain. A natural reaction, yet as you mature and open to your journey and its spiritual aspects, you have choice about how you respond to the flow of your life.

In this choice, you can begin to discern opportunity and challenge, and find ways to move away from instinctual response, creating new patterns which support the depth of who you are in this moment and can become in the next.

This opening allows a new hearing of your heart and the truth emerging when you are willing to make new choices and shift the trajectory of your life and resonance with your heart’s truth.

In this place you can ask:

What blocks me from hearing the truth of my heart?


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