Weekly Question: What stands in my way to feeling joy and peace in this moment?

When I feel out of sorts, I sit down and stare at the wall or the forest or whatever vista is before me. I ask a question and as I stare, I pay attention to what comes into my awareness. As best as I possibly can, I try not to editorialize or criticize. Like watching the images of the movie shift on the screen before, the motion comes and goes, and I only witness the movement.

I have found over time that the process will uncover and bring forward much understanding I can’t get to when analyzing.

The layers unfold, revealing deeper connection and deeper meaning. This process of reflection gets me past the superficial and the easily assumed. Down into the nitty-gritty which wants to stay hidden but is released like a helium balloon into my awareness.

This week’s question is a good beginning for reflection.

Know that sometimes you can sit and reflect for hours and get nothing until the next morning when you’re awake. At other times you only need several minutes, and you got the needed clarity.

Judging or expecting reflection to reveal in a pre-determined way is self-defeating. The point is to open to the flow and pay attention. The point is not to be stepping in and directing traffic.

Tune in. Follow flow. Ponder and reflect.

The wise person asks questions.

My father has said this to me since I was young child just learning to read.

When you ask a question, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn.

Learning is life. Learn always. Open to learn.

How? Simple: ask questions!

Use this question to learn.  Ask. Tune in. Follow flow. Ponder and reflect.

The Weekly Question offers you a chance to step back and learn about yourself.  For example, you may use the question as part of a meditation practice,  while taking a mindful walk, or within your Akashic Records practice.

Cheryl highly recommends reflection. Reflection is a method of focused thought and is a great way to work with any question.  Here’s an article describing the Three Steps of Reflection.

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