Welcome to this Dance We Call Life

Welcome to this Dance We Call Life is an excerpt from my book The New Akashic Records. I remember writing these words. Pen in hand, like a song singing from my soul, the motion danced across the paper. I was aware but with awareness on a different plane of consciousness from the every day. A place of alignment and resonance. A space where there was no struggle. A place simply of What Is. A space within me. A space beyond me. I know I wrote these words. What I don’t remember is each word emerging. For what emerged was the sense of connection with transcendence and me in balance between and with Heaven and Earth. Me merged with and empowered by the dance of life.

The New Akashic Records
Strand Forty-Four

Memory is the interactive Knowing between Observer and Observed.

In this wholeness of existence, we are part of what we see. The whole contains us, is us. What we observe is affected by our observation and observes us in return. The first interactive observation occurs when the Soul Point first emerges within All That Is. Observing our soul origin, All That Is gives us full attention, observing the highest expression of our infinite potential. Not an observation of what will be, but an observation of all that can be. The attention is total, encompassing all of who we are and may become. No judgments are passed, no expectations are created, we are free to follow our own intentions within the flow of our potential to form.

In this moment of individual soul emergence, we observe, to the best of our ability, All That Is. Our observation sets our intention in motion, fuels the flow of our potential to take form. Our observation leads us on our journey as we follow the desires of our deepest intention to fully claim the best that we are and the best that we can be. The act of observation continues uninterrupted, an intimate integration of observer and observed, a dance of eternal possibility. 

Observations are passed between observer and observed, never as judgment or expectation. This act of attention is a taking note, a reading or a “recording” of who we are and who we have the potential to become. I see you seeing me helps me to know me, to dream, to find courage to follow my dream. Observer and observed stand free with choice, with opportunity, fully supported as the best both are and can become.

This complete attention of All That Is is our first experience of love, an unlimited, fully focused attention which strikes us deeply and eternally. Love is the total focus of All That Is towards the deepest expression of our highest being. We claim all of who we are by turning this loving attention towards ourselves and all that we encounter.

This intimate, integrated system of observer and observed is fueled by the connected Knowing of All That Is. Within this perspective, memory can also be described as this interactive Knowing between Observer and Observed. 

In form, as we observe the world around us, whether the beam of light is particle or wave, our observation makes it one. Our attention unfolds the possibility, our knowing beholds its creation, memory guides our connection. We are the whole observing its becoming as the whole observes our becoming. Memory stands within this intimate, integrated system of observer and observed as the ultimate fulcrum of attention while we constantly trade places like dancers, observer becoming observed until we feel as one.

Welcome to this dance we call life. A waltz, a tango, a polka, the two-step, the swing. Misstep here, slide and twirl there, turning forever into the next step, the next dance, in this life. Dancing alone, with a partner, following, leading. Melded to a music that beats within, pumping us with passion and joy. On we go creating the dance, its steps, our response, our lead, our follow.

Memory powers our dance, bringing us the next step seemingly from nowhere. In the beginning as we learn, we must think through each step, each movement here and there. As the steps begin to flow, our attention moves to our partner, to the music, to the other dancers while memory, now unconsciously recollected, keeps us upright, in step, with the beat, smiling, enjoying this moment in flow with the dance. 

Observer and observed, lead and follow, spinning within the eternal and the infinite, changing places within the fluid dynamics of life until there is no sense of you and me, only the dance, the one, knowing and memory pulsing as one.

In the dance, memory can be of image and of bodily sensation, of thought and feeling, of love given and received. We witness our own dance and the dance of others. Each step driven by joy to take another step as memory provides the bridge between the last steps and the next steps. 

We observe and are observed. Observation integrating with feeling and thought, creating new movement, new feeling, new thought, a new dance to experience within and without. 

Where does one start, where does one end? 

In the dance we learn in love by heart.

Welcome to This Dance We Call Life is Strand Forty-Four from my award-winning book.
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