What are Light Workers, Star Seeds and their roles on Mother Earth?

In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: What are light workers, star seeds and their roles on Mother Earth? Their response discusses connection between the unknown and multidimensionality.

So what they’re going to start with is just talking about what they see and how they would define what a lightworker is. They know that currently on the Earth, there’s lots of ideas about what a lightworker is, or is here to do. And they would say that this is a really interesting spiritual topic, because the understanding of this has a lot to do with whether you look at things from a linear point of view, or you look at things from a dynamic point of view.

By looking at it from the point of view of the infinite and the eternal, you are looking at something beyond what it is linearly. So, within that linear context, the idea is that a lightworker would be someone who is endowed with a certain expanded awareness or consciousness and an ability to effect or activate for others their inner awareness of expansion and understanding.

From a dynamic point of view what they observe is that there’s an awful lot of judgment inherent within the linear perspective of what a lightworker is, that only certain people are good enough to be lightworkers.

But from a dynamic point of view, what they would say about a lightworker is that it’s somebody who is openly conscious of their physical-spiritual integration, and their willingness to explore the unknown.

Everybody can get to this in a different way, but they would see this as very much a topic which comes out of the habit of human beings to control things and to define things in order to understand.

So a lightworker is, in a certain sense, everybody – there’s a way in which we all are working with our light. That it’s light that brings us here, light and sound that bring us here.

We are expressions, individual unique expressions of the divine aspect of light and sound.

They would say the same thing about starseeds. That’s something that has a whole lot of different kinds of definitions. This is a topic about trying to explain in a linear sense, the multi-dimensionality of our existence, that we are all in a sense like Seeds of Light.

And I know that that’s not really the more common definition of starseeds, but the idea here in a lot of this is to question the linear aspect of the concept and see if that works for you.

Like karma would be a topic. Karma is basically usually understood from a linear point of view and not from a dynamic point of view.

Your soul contract, for example, would be another spiritual topic that is generally understood from a linear point of view and not a dynamic point of view.

And the point about that, that they think is important, especially here and now, is that when you begin to move out of the limit of the linear perspective and begin to try to deal with what it means to look at something from an infinite and eternal point of view, you’re opening yourself to the fluid nature of multi-dimensionality.

And so you’re stepping around a limitation and not allowing that limitation to hold you back, and beginning to move into understanding that there’s a way in which all of this works.

There’s infinitely more there than what we think, but a lot of this is an attempt to describe the awareness of infinity existing and us not knowing about it. Stepping into the unknown is the way to go, or indeed recognizing that the unknown will always move toward you and be a part of your life.

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