Commitment to Connection by Cheryl Marlene

Commitment to Connection

So, hmmm …. this has been a helluva emotional day for me and in my awareness has been a focus on a commitment to connection. This morning, sitting side by side, my daughter and I watched the first woman be sworn in as Vice-President of the United States. We watched the wonder of Amy K, …

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Assist versus Help by Cheryl Marlene

Don’t Help Instead Assist

Here’s a question for you: What’s the difference between assisting someone and helping someone? I’ve been thinking on this a bit and here’s what I’ve come up with. Help: I’m doing something for someone I think they need: Assist: I’m doing something for someone because I was asked by that someone. In other words, in …

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They Gather Me Up by Cheryl Marlene

They Gather Me Up

They gather me upThese treesThey gather me upTo mend my woundsAnd restore the depth of my soulTo the balance of me. They gather me upRoots and branchesTops and tipsBending to match the heightOf my heart in their presence. They gather meAs a prayer to the windAnd absolution to the soilAnd the moments of GraceWhich I …

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Resistance as Course Correction by Cheryl Marlene

Resistance as Course Correction

Today I have been thinking about how resistance is course correction. When I ran into resistance, I used to think I had done something wrong. That I had missed the turn That if I had been paying better attention I would have gotten it “right.” Resistance felt like failure. However, thinking of resistance as course …

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I Am a Work in Progress by Cheryl Marlene

I Am a Work in Progress

I am a Work in Progress explores the process of the inner landscape and how one can step through the ups and downs of personal growth. Today I feel myself dealing with my sense of status quo, what’s “normal” or “average” and feeling like I don’t want to be bound by any of it. Nothing …

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My Body is the Beauty of Experience by Cheryl Marlene

My Body is the Beauty of Experience

I had a major epiphany last night. The kind of major awareness that caught my breath as tears rolled down my face. A moment where all else froze and I literally felt a huge shift within me, gears rotating into place, thoughts lining up, the unneeded quickly ushered out of my heart’s door, the wisdom …

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The Up Choice at the Crossroads by Cheryl Marlene

The Up Choice at the Crossroads

At a crossroads, choice seems apparent: left, right, straight. Sometimes life is that clear-cut. At the crossroads, feel into your truth, choose, and allow your life to move on. However, there are moments where no matter the logic of the moment nor the feeling in your gut, nothing helps you discern your truthful choice. The …

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Courage Gathered, I Name by Cheryl Marlelne

Courage Gathered, I Name

I name you. I call you out. Once a feral focal point of my life. The best of me: Dominated. Hidden. Denied. In doubt. I ignored the truth of my pain. For too long, this unnamed has squatted in my heart and the cells of my violated places. Forced upon me by those hims limited …

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For Women Everywhere by Cheryl Marlene

For Women Everywhere

FEAR I name you. I call you out. Once a focal point Of my life to Protect me from harm. Controlling the best of me. Making me Doubt the truth of My pain. Taking advantage Capitalizing on the Effect of Little men who do Not recognize the limits of their Minds fogged with Authoritarian smallness …

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A Cold Fog by Cheryl Marlene.

A Cold Fog

When my desire to feel a man’s finger trace my spine, to feel his lips on mine, to bring him pleasure in return – when this desire goes unfulfilled, the act of self-pleasure hangs like a cold fog on my heart. I know that I could find release in a shadowed place with whatever randy …

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The Moon in Her Fullness by Cheryl Marlene

The Moon in Her Fullness

Venus rising And the Moon in her fullness I rise to the receiving Ready to bring all of me To the stillness of me. Now is the time To salute the giving To herald the adventure of a new ME. The Moon in her fullness ME loving me. And I care not the solitude I …

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Waves of Love as One

Waves of Love as One

Waves of love flowing to me From the one source, one love. I believe I stand with this One In this moment, in this place, Fully capable, entirely ready To be the best I can be. Light, Sound, Feeling, Thought Guiding me ever higher Along my path of promise With the one source, with this …

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Walk the Line by Cheryl Marlene

Walk the Line

Life, some say, is about growth. The much-heralded power of Deep self-understanding and genuine reflection. This growth we think we know. Because we think it comes in wide sweeping changes Meant to clear our decks. Desperate we are to believe In giant steps and giddy decisions. Big changes that deflect and overshadow Real reasons and …

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Here in the Dark by Cheryl Marlene

Here in the Dark

Here I sit in the dark. The sun has set and the only light is from my computer screen. I am here, now, feeling the edge of my new life emerging from the unknown and the unexpected. Love fills my heart and I am full of light from the love of friends and family and …

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The Beauty of All People by Cheryl Marlene

The Beauty of All People

I will confess: I’m a talker.  I love to tell stories, share information, and connect with others through the spoken word.  I like how understanding sparks within them and within me, creating a moment of shared awareness.  My stories I tell are neither fiction or non-fiction, rather whispers of the heart and murmurs of the …

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I Love Myself by Cheryl Marlene

I Love Myself!

I love myself! From the depth of my soul to the bottom of my heart. From the origins of my cells to the expression of my being. From the bottom of my toes to the top of my head. Finger tips to finger tips, I love myself! Now and forever, Amen!

Serenity Beyond Fear by Cheryl Marlene

Serenity Beyond Fear

Serenity beyond fear is based on these two ideas: Create and express through all aspects of the known, unknown, and unknowable. Chaos and fear are simply the old interpretations of what we do not know. Inner preparation is necessary as the failing model of patriarchal, authoritarian dominance gives way to a new vision of integration …

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The Loom of My Life by Cheryl Marlene

The Loom of My Life

I’ve been on a new journey the last couple of months. As I look back, it is hard in this moment to see all that it’s been about. Many moments which have yet to integrate. Many moments which feel like their own separate strands of experience and exploration. I feel like my life has moved …

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Trail Guides by Cheryl Marlene

Trail Guides

This is a story about my trail guides. East of Portland, where I live, beyond the conifer and deciduous forests which bestow their presence on both sides of the Columbia Gorge of Oregon and Washington are the buttes and cliffs and hills adorned simply in grass and wildflower and oak at creek side. No majestic …

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Full Moon Blessing

Full Moon Blessing

Be here in this moment of Joy. Be here in this moment of Peace. Let your heart find its way, Let your knowing guide you. Be not the tormented lost, In the guilt of yesterday, In the fear of tomorrow, Unconscious of truth here today. Let the moon with her knowledge of the night Shine …

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