What are Mindful Moments?

What are Mindful Moments?

For me, a mindful moment is that moment when I take a breath while also becoming aware of whatever is at the edge of my awareness.

I observe. I give attention. I let whatever is just at the surface bubble up.

I pay attention to my mind and also my body.

I notice how I feel and where I feel and if I feel at all.

Am I tense? Excited? Withdrawn? Peaceful? Closing down? Opening?

I do not judge or criticize. I do not immediately push myself toward whatever is not there — what I think “should” be there.

I notice what doesn’t feel like it serves me any more.

I see if I can notice a habit or belief that is outdated.

I notice if I am repeating old stories about me that aren’t me any longer.

This is an approach that has taken me quite a bit to be able to do because the critical voice inside my head was quite bossy and insistent that I was wrong, no good, hopeless.

Mindful Moments have become quite important to me because this is where I have found the authentic voice of my body, mind, heart, and soul.

By finding this moment, I avoid reacting thoughtlessly, perhaps in anger, perhaps with blame, perhaps with mindless rebuke.

Instead I find the opportunity to respond — mindfully, thoughtfully, with kindness, compassion, and awareness.

It is in a mindful moment that I usually write.

I let whatever it is bubble up and out it comes and flows from pen to paper without much interference on my part.

My logical mind takes a step back and leaves the stage open to my heart, to my spirit, to my soul.

This allows the words to come up from the integration of all of who I am and can become.

The process and that which is created in the process flows from a deep resonance that sounds like to me that my entire being is singing.

The words flow like a song to paper.

For me this moment is a type of meditation, an expression of mindfulness that transports me to a place of joy and of peace.

In this section of my website, I have the articles that came from the creation of a mindful moment.

I hope you find resonance which helps you step into your own mindful moment.

Here the current articles about Mindful Moments:

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