What are Spiritual Energy Dynamics?

Spiritual Energy Dynamics considers the world from the point of view of divine energy, energy as it manifests and moves from the creative eternal source of All That Is.

Spiritual Energy Dynamics incorporates a broad perspective essentially from the soul’s point of view.

To understanding divine energy, we begin with this concept: everything is energy.

All energy exists on a continuum with potential on one end and form at the other.

All energy begins as potential and moves toward form and then back again towards potential, always moving along the continuum either as potential or as form or somewhere in between.

From a linear perspective, the source of divine energy lies completely outside of physical reality within Non-Physical Reality.

All people are a spark of this divine energy.

The initial movement of each divine spark forms first as soul within Non-Physical Reality at the soul point, the origin of your soul.

The potential of the soul moves from Non-Physical Reality in to Physical Reality along the energy continuum to take form and express the soul’s potential in the only place it can take form, Physical Reality.

Spiritual Energy Dynamics forms the basis for understanding the Akashic Records from the infinite and eternal and transforms the capacity of the Akashic Records into a energetic platform for healing and spiritual practice.


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