Weekly Question: What are the challenges of 2018 for which I am grateful? by Cheryl Marlene

Weekly Question: What are the challenges of 2018 for which I am grateful?

Gratitude list. Learn about yourself and create a list of everything which you are thankful in this incredible year of 2018.

Think of your experience. What you did. Events. Opportunities. Connections. Wins. The feel-good stuff.

Think about your experience again. What didn’t work? Disappointment. Pain. Hardship. Failure. The never-again stuff.

Your life is always a combination of challenge and opportunity, success and failure, high and low. How you move forward comes in how you respond to both. Bringing an attitude of gratitude deepens your understanding and expands your horizon. You are not in resistance, instead you are saying yes to all experience and learning from all corners.

The beauty of you comes in loving all of you. Acknowledging gratitude for ALL of your life creates the open flow necessary for a full, wonderful Life.

Make that list! Your next year will be better for it.

The wise person asks questions.

My father has said this to me since I was young child just learning to read.

When you ask a question, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn.

Learning is life. Learn always. Open to learn.

How? Simple: ask questions!

Use the question to learn.

Ask. Tune in. Follow flow. Ponder and reflect.

The Weekly Question offers you a chance to step back and learn about yourself.  For example, you may use the question as part of a meditation practice or while taking a mindful walk.  Cheryl highly recommends reflection. Reflection is a method of focused thought and is a great way to work with any question.  Here’s an article describing the Three Steps of Reflection.