What Happens with Ayahuasca?

What Happens with Ayahuasca?:in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question:

When people take substances like Ayahuasca, what happens?

The response begins by taking us beyond expectation.

Audio Answer:

I mean, it kind of depends a little bit on the drugs, and the person and the context.

But yes, things like say, for example, Ayahuasca is essentially an energy flow that is opening your mind to the possibilities of something beyond physicality.

Dreams do that as well. Right? They begin to entertain within us, that awareness is possible, beyond the physical time and space.

Different drugs even ayahuasca depends on how you do it, and who you do it with.

But the clear forms of this type of substance are bringing you beyond the limits of time and space into a boundlessness. That’s beyond time and space.

If we were to try to really draw a picture of all of this, it would in one respect be hard to do because it’s not linear.

It is interwoven with waves of experience and existence.

This means it is more about your ability to be aware of intersecting dimensions than it has to do with a line.

For example, the way I draw the energy continuum as a straight line is not the best. However, that was the easiest way for people who are limited linearly, to begin to open up to something that’s beyond the linear.

Things dip and intersect in a way that’s not linear.

When you consume something like ayahuasca or peyote, for example, what they’re helping you do, is interweave through different dimensions.

Based on intention, based on the potential within the context of ingesting the Ayahuasca.

The main thing that they would want to break down is the sense of things being linear.

That’s really the biggest thing here is letting go of everything being linear, either time or space. This is the way of departing energy to maintain power over is by dissecting everything through a static, linear view.

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