What Have I Learned About Myself in 2018?

I believe that the primary purpose of my life is learning. I am here to learn. Learn Always.

Because I live within the constant expansion of universal creation, my learning will never be done. In each moment, when I give myself the chance, learning is available. Sometimes big sweeping realizations which excite my heart and stopped me in my tracks. At other moments, the learning comes on tiny cat’s feet, padding softly through my awareness, easy to miss, easy to dismiss, yet filled with heart filled, nuanced depth. It’s within the contrast in these motions that I pose this question. I want to invite myself and you to reconsider the events and experiences of this year.

Go one step further into the stories you have created about yourself from the experiences. Who do you tell yourself you are? Who do you feel you are? It’s in the stories, you will find your learning because that’s what we do with our experiences. We craft stories which reflect learning to understand self and why self is creating a specific trajectory.

You do, you learn, you create story to explain and understand. Then the story underlies your next experience. To shift your life, get to your stories and your learning to rewrite your life. You are always at choice, may always rewrite a story, and re-examine learning for new gems and missed nuance.

What have I learned about myself in 2018?

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