What is a Witness within the Akashic Records?


Within the Akashic Records, it is hugely important to understand that the Reader does not bring his or her opinion to the Reading for Other.  In fact, this is not to be tolerated within any energy work.  The flow of the interaction is to hold sacred space for the Other so that whatever truth needs to come forward is able to find a free and open path.  The role of the Akashic Record Reader is always as a witness.


The Witness observes but does not attempt to do for the other.

The Witness holds sacred space as supportive ground for the other to make their own choice.

The Witness holds back nothing, standing within the flow but not blocking the flow, the ebb and tide of universal potential.

The Witness is not judge nor jury.

The Witness withholds nothing and provides no opinion.

The Witness is silent not noisy, observing not interacting, supporting not decisive.

The Witness acknowledges interconnection, acknowledges affect but holds the intention of holding circle, holding space for change initiated by the Other.


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