What is an Affirmation?

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What is an Affirmations by Cheryl Marlene

An Affirmation is a positive statement of the new You!

An Affirmation has these parts:

  • A supportive statement, often said out loud,
  • Describing new learning and self-understanding
  • With intention to shift and integrate,
  • Establishing new personal beliefs and habits,
  • Claiming a new life path.

Affirmations shift negative thoughts in a positive direction, releasing the hold of the critical voice.

The constant critical commentary of the critical voice overwhelms the true voice. The voice of the true self, the pure voice of heart and mind supports growth and learning and supports positive pro-active choices.

The critical voice, while commenting on lack and inabilities, clouds thought and pushes thoughtless reaction in less than helpful ways.

The critical voice likes to be in control and fill the mind with its snarky remarks and false ideas: “You are stupid. You are easily fooled. You don’t know anything. You are useless.” On and on, the critical voice tries to convince that it is right and all else is wrong.

By repeating an Affirmations out loud daily, the critical voice is countered with the balanced truth of new thoughts and ideas. An Affirmation voices personal truth and begins to shift the contents of mind away from the erroneous notions of the critical voice.

As the critical voice quiets, the balanced voice of heart and mind begin to have room to guide and support healing and learning. This positive atmosphere shifts all levels of awareness and counters the unconscious aspects of the critical voice.

Affirmations counter the critical voice with truth.

Feel stupid or thoughtless or fearful? While these feelings may be present, they are not a true representation of the whole self. Instead, these are responses to experiences of the past. Negative thoughts drown out, cover up, misdirect away from essential nature. The positive character of an Affirmation describes truth, countering those negative beliefs with positive statements of truth.

During self-growth, if learning is put into resonating words, a wonderful self-support system is created. The likelihood that this new perspective described in the Affirmation will stay is substantially increased.

Affirmations work because there is power in saying truth out loud.

Speaking out loud draws upon multiple facets of being, both conscious and unconscious. Speaking out loud happens across all levels, physical and spiritual. Speaking out loud is the most powerful challenge to the false beliefs of the critical voice. The speaking voice as it says an affirmation, upholds truth and affirms healing. The physical response affects the condition and quality of every aspect of the physical body and releases the energy of negative belief held literally in the cells of the body.

Working with affirmations is a positive spiritual practice, easy to accomplish.

Affirmations don’t need fancy cushions or expensive mats to be effective. They also don’t require years of practice for the student to realize benefit. The benefit comes immediately in the first Affirmation. Quietly and quickly repeatable throughout the day, all that might be needed is a card or piece of paper where the affirmation is written as a visual reminder.

Using affirmations reinforces self-growth and spiritual practice.

On the spiritual journey, spiritual practice and experience help identify something — a thought, a belief, a habit, a story — which no longer serves. Letting go may be a simple decision to move in a different direction. Or more intense focus through additional avenues such as meditation, acupuncture, energy healing, Akashic Record Readings, prayer, mindfulness may be needed to work through and release the blocks which stand in the way or learning and healing. Whatever the personal experience, using an affirmation to reinforce and finalize the shift of the learning and healing is a powerful way to insure the change and growth of the spiritual journey.

Affirmations shift the field of habit in new and supportive directions.

Repeated often, the negative beliefs of the critical voice become habits. Accustomed to thinking of self as stupid or useless — or whatever it is that the critical voice is pushing — increases the difficulty of growth and learning. Beliefs collect together within the field of habit, negatively influencing life?s perspective unless the habitual is challenged and the negative belief released.

Affirmations push the field of habit beyond the crucial tipping point.

When an old pattern of belief or habit is released and a shift towards a new way of understanding self is embraced, the scales of inner balance are tipped in the new, desired direction. The goal is for forward motion to go beyond the tipping point and firmly into the new direction, like a teeter shifting to a totter.

Affirmations provide the extra nudge to shift the energy of the field of habit into the new direction. Continuing daily Affirmation practice reinforces the change toward a 100% shift. That’s the energetic effect of Affirmations: a complete shift to fully integrate new understanding of self.

Affirmations shift personal energy
in a new direction
to release old habits and negative beliefs.

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