What is an Affirmation? One sentence to change your life!

Affirmations help create a new, positive inner voice dedicated to supporting the new You.

Simply, an affirmation is a sentence, a group of words which hold transformative energy for you and help power personal transformation.

An affirmation has these parts:

• A supportive statement, often begins with I and is usually said out loud,

• Describes new learning and self-understanding

• Holds the intention to shift and integrate,

• Establishes new personal beliefs and habits,

• Claims a new life path.

For example:

I embrace all the possibilities of personal transformation.

The words express the new energy of your life’s path, helping you release negative self-belief and quiet your critical voice.

A positive statement of the new You!

When you want to make a change, drop a bad habit, or let go of negativity, say an affirmation.

No special equipment or advanced study is required.

All you do is repeat the sentence out loud and to yourself five or six times in the morning and again as you go to bed at night. 

During the day when you feel the old thoughts arise or when you think of it, say your affirmation.

The repetition counters the negative self-talk and shifts your thoughts, feelings, and habits in a more supportive direction.

The best effect comes in repition daily for thirty days because that’s when the energy and ideas in the affirmation replace the old habit with the new, positive self-belief.

Here’s another example.

If you have trouble connecting with emotion, perhaps because of early childhood issues, here’s a direction to begin to feel what connection might be:

I feel safe connecting with my emotions.

My first affirmation and one I still use on occasion is:

Everything I need moves towards me quickly and easily.

I embraced this powerful sentence at a time when I was feeling pushed to make sure that I found everything I wanted or needed.

Sometimes affirmations may feel like too much, too soon.

Here are two adjustments to try.

Add the phrase “I am learning that…” to the beginning  to soften your entry and acknowledge that you may not be completely there but are learning to get there. For example,

I am learning that I feel safe connecting with my emotions.

I am learning that everything I need moves towards me quickly and easily.

Another way to ease into your new practice is to take a no longer needed belief or negative thought and add “no.” For example:

I no longer need to be disconnected from my emotions.

I no longer need to push myself to grab after what I think I need.

Saying either of these adjustments for several days to a week will help you more easily affirm the new direction.

You may also use the adjustments in a chain to move from the negative belief to the new energy.

Using all the suggested affirmations shows how this chain can be accomplished:

I no longer need to be disconnected from my emotions.

I am learning that I feel safe connecting with my emotions.

I feel safe connecting with my emotions.

Here’s another chain:

I no longer need to push myself to grab after what I think I need.

I am learning that everything I need moves towards me quickly and easily.

Everything I need moves towards me quickly and easily.

The Elements of an Affirmation Practice

The primary element is to choose one which feels right.

Then say it out loud to yourself for at least a week — thirty days is even better to shift you into the new energy pattern.

Also know that you can work with more than one affirmation at a time.

There is no magic number.

Follow what resonates with you, knowing that this will change with both time and topic.

Additionally, an affirmation practice is simply being open to the possibilities of affirmations, including them in your self work, and shifting from one affirmation to another as you learn, grow, and transform your life.

Affirmation Resources to Get You Started!

Because affirmations have been such a powerful focus and an incredibly empowering part of my journey, I have lots of affirmation resources on my website.

First Place to Begin is With My Books

This book takes you through the easy steps of creating an affirmation for yourself. Plus there 52 weeks of affirmations to help you release negative self belief and your critical voice.

Each season has its own light of personal power. In this book, there are Affirmations for each season to help you release blocks and open to the transformative power of each season.

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