What is an Akashic Mystic?

What is an Akashic Mystic? by Cheryl Marlene

Blending awe for the universal mysteries with a willingness to face the unknown and the unexpected, the Akashic Mystic approaches life from a physically-spiritually integrated perspective and leans into the transcendent awareness beyond the intellect and the everyday.

An Akashic Mystic explores the unknown and the nonlocal through direct personal experience and reflection – and often makes this journey within the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records, as a flow of divine knowing accessible by permission, provide connection to the flow of divine mystery, the transcendent unknown, and the nonlocal union within All That Is. The Akashic Records are a source of knowing, healing, and spiritual practice.

I, Cheryl Marlene, am Akashic Mystic.

I follow this path to assist myself and others to get unstuck and to heal, to let go of obstacles and outdated beliefs, to learn self-trust and self-truth, and to learn to deal with ambiguity, the unknown, and the unexpected.

Within your life, you navigate life between:

  • You and what you know,
  • Others and what they know, and
  • What Is mysterious, unknown, nonlocal, transcendent, and divine.

As Akashic Mystic, I find my path at the center of this triad. Here is where I experience life, learn of possibility, and find clarity for What Is in this moment.

In my work with people around the world, I have seen firsthand how all of us must navigate life within the awareness of who we are, what the world we live in is about, and that which rises above everyday reality and yet is interwoven into every experience, every action, every thought, feeling, and belief.

Life is a continual motion within this three perspectives – moving always along a spiral path.

The spiral nature of the journey comes as one is willing to learn beyond the static, linear perspective. The spiral provides a path to become clear with that which is raw, real, and overwhelming.

This is not a path of perfection where all problems and concerns are eliminated. Instead, the turns of this path help return your being to center, to balance, to clear understanding.

The turn of the path encourages the inner interactive process of learning, growth, and expansion inherent within your being and becoming.

As Akashic Mystic, this is my path. This is also the path which I light and stand as witness for you and all who draw near.

As Mystic within the Akashic Records, I offer a foundation for you to explore your mystic self, your willingness to be clear and honest, your awe for the universal mysteries as they are unveiled within your awareness and experience.

For me to say I am Akashic Mystic is a claiming of my deepest self and a willingness to be honest with myself about my true nature.

Being a mystic is not straight forward. There are no certification programs.

Instead, this is a path I must claim for myself, within myself.

As a mystic, I take on the ambiguity of existence and the infinite layers and dimensions available when you explore beyond the static, linear view – when you explore the nature of the transcendent and the dynamic expression of the infinite and the eternal.

As Akashic Mystic, I live, learn, and love within this dynamic, soul-sourced perspective.

The journey fills me with awe and daily feeds my wonder about All That Is.

I find that my – and your – being and becoming is always held precious within the infinite and the eternal.

I seek understanding.

I seek connection.

In my journey, my focus is on truth, worthiness, inter-dimensionality, and the universal mysteries.

Everyone is capable of living a multi-dimensional, integrated, mystical life.

I don’t do this because I am something special. I do this because I am willing to acknowledge my truth and follow my heart.

Wherever you are in your journey, as Akashic Mystic, I am here to witness and support your journey into your mystical self.

Learn. Laugh. Love. Be. Become. Always.

More Perspectives on the Mystic

“Mysticism heightens our creativity and helps us develop the greater sense of confidence that comes from knowing how to tap into our inner wisdom to find answers to life’s challenges. Mysticism is humanity’s deepest quest for Self Knowledge.”

Rosicrucian Manuscript, www.rosicrucian.org