What is Anger?

Energetically the flow of Anger has many sources.

Generally, anger is a flood of the nervous system generated by the Critical Voice and Ego within the heat of judgment.

In a sense, anger is a system overload of judgment.

Judgment is a condemnation and a stepping away from love’s attention, a refusal to see or acknowledge where truth and love are within the moment.

Anger floods the emotional system in particular, though anger fills the entire being, body, mind, heart and soul.

Anger fosters disconnection.

Sometimes anger is a real expression and sometimes it is a cover for a deeper issue like grief, pain or trauma.

Anger as judgment is directed either inward or outward or both.

Like blame, anger can be at self, other, events or God.

Anger can hide disappointment, frustration, blame, resentment.

Anger is complex with competing flows which can confuse and distract and bring more anger.

Plus, sometimes anger is justified as it comes from awareness of disconnect within self, within other and with events.

Of all human emotions, anger is the most complex and thus an emotion many try to avoid – and then the avoidance intensifies the anger as any emotion avoided increases its strength of intention.

Any emotion avoided increases its strength of intention.

Avoidance adds fuel to the fire.

Anger as any flow of energy has intention, motion and knowing.

Often the motion of anger is felt most intensely and can be a compelling force toward physical expression of anger’s motion.

Some will even generate the motion in order to use anger as a vehicle of physical expression – an empty anger if you will.

However, to release anger, the way to go is NOT to focus on the kind of anger – but instead to ask:

  • What is the gift of this anger for me in this moment?
  • How do I release or move to understanding what lies below this anger?
  • Am I really angry about this or is this anger hiding something?

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