What is Divine Timing?

Timing as divine is a difficult concept to pin down because human awareness takes in something about this divine aspect of time as being outside, beyond, external.

Time seen in this outward focus is seeing time within the Static View. In the Static View, time is the ticking of the clock, passing in a linear progression, along a time line of events ordered from past to present to future. The Static View is linear time and 3-dimensional physical space and nothing more.

However, beyond the Static View is a different perspective which moves away from the outward focus towards a deeper, inner understanding of divine timing. To get to this alternative, ask these two questions:

What is time outside of the linear or Static View?

Time outside of a linear perspective focuses on motion within awareness rather than motion within the limits of physical space. Non-linear time, beyond the motion of matter, is awareness of the boundlessness — which by definition is non-linear, without boundaries.

What is space outside of the linear or Static View?

Space outside of the linear is simply awareness, consciousness, knowing — the process of gathering of what you know. Space in the Static View is the accumulation of energy to create form. Without linear time, space outside of the linear is without form and is simply the expression of knowing.

The alternative, the Dynamic View rises above the static and linear, engaging awareness in the creative, divine aspect contained in this moment. Within the Dynamic View awareness connects this moment with the next moment in a motion which appears from the linear point of view to be random and chaotic. Though in the Dynamic View, energetic motion is simply the ability of awareness to remain connected from one moment to the next. And within the Dynamic View, energetic motion within awareness takes place within the infinite and eternal, unrestrained by linear time and 3-D physical space.

To be aware of divine timing, step out of a strictly static, linear perspective into a Dynamic View. A Static View perspective may help to be on time for an appointment but will get in the way of the dynamic soul awareness of divine timing.

Within the Dynamic View, divine timing is awareness of balance and truth in this moment. Divine timing is this awareness in this moment of the balance of this moment. Accessed through the Dynamic View, divine timing hears and receives within the perspective of the soul.

The dynamic perspective is entered into a little at a time as the physical slowly realizes that taking on the Dynamic View does not require a full release of linear awareness. Instead the Dynamic View presents a continuum of awareness which can be focused along with intention, feeling, and thought. The physical learns you do not give up one to have the other, instead both views are in balance within the awareness shared by both body and soul.

Thus divine timing is simply awareness of balance in this moment of heart and mind, body and soul within the infinite and eternal aspects of the boundlessness, of All That Is.

Shift Divine to:  soul awareness.

Shift Timing to: of time.

Add:  in balance.

Divine timing becomes: soul awareness of time in balance.

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