What is Light?

Light, as we tend to think of it, generally is that which shines and illuminates.

At the Soul level, Light is the difference between what is Known and what is Unknown.? It is no mistake that the unknown is characterized as dark, chaotic, empty like the void is thought to be.

Light is Knowing, present to awareness, present to the infinite and eternal flow of All That Is.

Light is also our perspective of that which we are willing to give attention and awareness.

Light illuminates the edges of our awareness, beckoning us to move beyond whatever holds us from full view like our expectations, doubts, fears, judgments, and blame.

Light is awareness of presence appearing as a holder until we can clarify within the object of our attention.

What will you illuminate?

Where does your Light point you?

Within the Light, what is ready to step from your Unknown to your Known?

In Joy!



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