What is Mastery as Spiritual Practice?

Mastery is an inner spiritual process which begins inside of self.

When the spiritual journey begins truth is sought outside of self from teachers and voices of authority. This is not necessarily a bad choice.

Listening to the experience of others is very helpful in learning to hear the truth of self.

The challenge comes when those outside voices are mistaken as the self’s only source of truth.

On the spiritual journey, one of the many opportunities is moving toward understanding heart and hearing truth from the core essence of self.

Mastery is the process of learning to focus inward to hear and experience truth.

Mastery comes as balance becomes part of self’s experience in the world.

Connection expands within self on all levels body, mind, heart, and soul.

And this expanding sense of connection reaches and touches with the awareness of reality around and whatever is beyond.

Mastery brings the realization that the journey is never done.

Life is lived to its fullest in this moment. And this moment is the connection to the infinite and eternal, ever in motion, ever learning, ever expanding.

And though the word mastery may hold the idea of completion, mastery is a life-long process.

Mastery is journey, rich with all it brings to support and expand.

Mastery brings self to the open flow always present here, now.

In mastery, whatever holds fear or judgment can be released, melted away.

Truth, balance, and connection fuel more and the essence of self emerges in full bloom.

In flow, open, Mastery is the excited anticipation of the blooming of life.


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