What is Sacred Relationship?

What is Sacred Relationship?

This is how I define sacred relationship:

Engaging with relationship within the empowering, authentic integration of body, mind, heart, and soul.

Several years ago, after pulling myself out of the insanity of divorce, I reclaimed my sanity by intentionally choosing a path forward.

My first choice had to do with transforming my physical being.

This choice was successful and had the unintended consequences of all choice.

You may read about the transformational journey of my physical body in Failure and the Sexy Red Dress.

Following on that motion was a choice to move beyond my single status into the world of online dating.

Before I was married, I lived in a dark age without the likes of Match.com or OKCupid simply because the World Wide Web didn’t yet exist.

Now I had to spend some time learning the culture and the lingo in order to navigate this new-for-me dating arena.

After twelve months or so of some amazing experiences, I wrote about my journey because through the unintended consequences of online dating I learned some interesting things about myself which I am still exploring and pondering.

My number one awareness:

Who I am spiritually is integrated with who I am sexually.

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent much of my last thirty years, exploring and creating and understanding who I am in the midst of my spiritual journey.

However, this journey is my life, and thus, it stands to reason that any experience I have will be part of my spiritual being.

It’s just that my inner direction of “start dating” didn’t, at first, sound spiritual.

But then, my journey to my sexy red dress didn’t at first seem spiritual either.

Yet the experience of dating brought to me a deeper awareness of my spiritual side while I processed my experience through the entire lens of my life which includes the spiritual as well as the physical, emotional, and mental.

In simple terms, sacred relationship engages all levels of being: body, mind, heart, and soul.

While certainly not limited to an intimate relationship, when sacred relationship is held within the romantic, sex and all forms of touch are connection and part of the expression on all levels.

Experienced in this way, sacred relationship brings me into the awareness of my connection and my expression as divine.

Me as divine. Me within the sacred in each relationship in my life.

The following articles are ones that I have written about my experience of creating and engaging with sacred relationship.

I also have fiction short stories about the extension of sacred relationship into sacred sexuality on my website SacredHot.com 

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