What is Sound and Light?

What is Sound and Light? The response from the Akashic Records discusses the difference between understanding both from the static, linear view and the infinite and eternal of the dynamic view.


When we look at sound and light from a linear point of view, a static point of view, they appear different. Right? And, in a certain sense, the reason why they appear different is that we take them into our awareness in a different way.

Typically, we see light, and we hear sound. And in a certain sense, energetically what we’re saying is sound is what we can hear, and light is what we can see.

However, if you look at light and sound from a dynamic point of view, from the point of view of the infinite and eternal, light and sound are unique expressions of the Divine, just like each of us is a unique expression of the Divine. And from the Divine point of view, from the dynamic point of view, there’s not really any difference between light and sound, other than that they are separate energetic flows that exist independent of each other and independent of us.

When we take physical form, we take in the awareness of the difference.

Just like each person is different. Even though we’re all human beings, even though we are all energetic expressions, even though we are integrated physically and spiritually, we’re all showing up differently.

Expressing who we are both physically and spiritually at least differently enough that we can see that each one of us is different.

From a dynamic point of view, that’s true for sound and light. Now, the thing about sound and light is that it’s also true that they are energetic awarenesses that people have been aware of from the very beginning.

So that means that energetically light and sound hold a flow of awareness, but they actually exist independent of our awareness.

They are different aspects of knowing. And that’s really important to understand. Because as human beings, we use both of them to talk about how we can understand something.

We hear it. That’s understanding.

We see it, that’s understanding. You put light on something, you understand it.

You say something, you understand it, right?

So both light and sound within the human experience have been integral to our ability to understand, to have knowing. And we’ve associated both sound and light with the Divine.

Participant observes: Perhaps just to take it one step further, we pick up the vibrational frequency of each of those, like the subtleness of them, even if it’s not necessarily conscious, it’s like our subconscious is consistently and constantly navigating those subtle subtleties.


Yes, that’s true, especially within a linear perspective, but within a dynamic perspective, vibration doesn’t exist.

Participant observes: Can you elaborate on that more?


Vibration is a physical expression. And in a certain sense, vibration is a physical standard. Because we’re talking there about frequency and amplitude when we talk about vibration—

Participant observes: and then the sensing of it.


And so what we’re doing there is we’re sensing the motion of energy, which is physical. And it’s not bad or good, it’s just what it is.

Within the Akashic Records, you can be aware of both light and sound but you tend to experience them as resonance rather than vibration.

And resonance is about alignment and balance between two unique expressions, which we can describe as sympathetic congruence.

Resonance is about an awareness that alignment and balance exist, without vibration. You don’t have to have an awareness of vibration to get to an awareness of resonance.

Which means then, especially from a dynamic point of view, that you can have resonance with things that don’t feel of the same vibration.

So, things that might feel out of vibration, from a physical point of view, from a dynamic point of view may be in resonance.

Participant observes: I can see that. Because the resonance doesn’t have judgement towards one or the other. So it’s not the same as intention. That was put on the same lines as intention. For some people, they have to feel or sense vibration to have that feedback. But if we set intention, we just intend that it’s just going to happen so it’s just dynamic. And it’s happening where we don’t have to have that feedback, or resonance to it.


Well, from a dynamic point of view, intention is about direction, whereas from a linear point of view, intention can be both.

It can be about direction, but it also can be about judgement.

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