What is the Akasha?


The word Akashic means “of, or pertaining to the Akasha.”  The term Akasha is a Sanskrit word which has meaning in all the religions which use Sanskrit as a holy language, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Tibetan Bon.  Within these religions there is not agreement about the nature of the  Akasha.  Generally, all manifest reality emerges from the Akasha.  Recently, I asked the Akashic Records to describe the Akasha from their point of view.  This what I received.

In Joy!

The Akasha is both source and motion for All That Is and all that emerges on the wings of consciousness of the Akasha.

The Akasha is the first that has awareness.

The Akasha is the first that is conscious of movement.

Akasha Consciousness is the origin of all things and the mother of all things.

When one steps into the awareness or the consciousness of Akasha, one is stepping into the genesis of awareness, the origin of how awareness becomes part of soul experience, soul knowledge, and soul understanding.

There is beauty in this moment!  There is joy in this moment!

There is a peace that comes in the stillness between the receiving and the giving.

The consciousness of Akasha is the foundation and the essence for this motion.

There is a newness in this perspective of Akasha which heralds a shift in the understanding of what it means to live a life that is integrated spiritually and physically.

This awareness brings a new perspective.

An awareness of how one can engage in a conscious way with All That Is.

There are many words which can describe this experience.  There are many beliefs which engage with this experience.

With the Akasha coming into consciousness, it allows any who hear and respond to the call to have their lives moved within this new perspective.


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