What is the Dynamic Definition of Time and Space?

What is the Dynamic Definition of Time and Space?: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: 

How do the Founders define time and space in a dynamic way?

The Founders use the words Infinite and Eternal. Infinite meaning connected to time. And Eternal is connected to space, although both those words are connected to both time and space.

Another way to look at it is that humanity basically experiences physical existence as a duality that’s limited to linear time.

So the initial motion of duality is I am and I am not. For any soul, when the soul has its own unique awareness of itself, it says I am. And at the same time, it’s able to be aware of what is I am not.

So we bring that dual awareness with us into this physical existence. And in a certain sense, we’re parsing everything between those dualities, between I am this and I am not this.

Then time and space is understood through that duality, even though it exists within the unity of All That Is. When you begin to have awareness beyond linear existence, whether you think of that as psychic reading, or clairvoyance, or you’re going into the Records or whatever, what you’re doing is you are connecting your awareness into the Unity of All That Is, so that you are now able to conceive of the possibility of that which is not local to you.

The idea of non-locality is that it’s everywhere, and through that everywhere, we are all connected. But rationally, intellectually, the idea of non-locality would be that there is nothing in what’s non-local, because it’s not in this physical existence. So when we begin to have an awareness of the possibility of non-locality, we start to realize that within that which we think should be nothing, rationally, intellectually, is everything. Wow!

The other thing to understand is that when you start to shift from the static view to the dynamic view, when you start to expand your awareness beyond linear time and space, your focus becomes this moment. So books like Be Here NowThe Power of Now, etc., are about being present and being in the moment and being aware.

All of that is about understanding where the focal point for you is, within the dynamic motion of All That Is because how you move through the dynamic non-local view is through your awareness of What Is in this moment. At the same time, you are moving through the chronology of linear time, past, present, future, because we are here as humans having a linear existence. It’s more that your present moment, sort of like a car on a roller coaster, is just taking you in random directions, instead of it all being a straight line.

We have more awareness of what was yesterday, what’s today, what’s tomorrow, than from the broader sense of who we are as human beings, who we can be as human beings. Within a dynamic awareness, at the same time we can have an awareness of how our motion is what’s here for us right now, and how what’s here for us right now is connected to the last awareness of present moment and will be connected to our next awareness of present moment. And you start to realize that that’s not linear.

You’re becoming aware of intersections that aren’t coming from within this physical reality, that you are connected in other ways, and that’s where you start talking about multiple dimensions and parallel universes and all that kind of stuff. Because that’s the linear attempt to explain the interconnections that exist for you right now in this moment that aren’t a part of this physical reality, in the way that we define physical reality.

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