What is the Nature of Karma?

From an Akashic Records Q&A event, comes this question: What is the Nature of Karma? The response discusses the false, limiting nature of cause and effect.

The Founders: 

When you live a life where things are organized in such a way that your mind and body are given preference over your heart and your soul, it’s the nature of humanity to want to have a way to judge what’s good and what’s bad.

Because when you are within your minds, in your bodies, you tend to be very much limited to what’s physical and what’s linear.

And the presence of fear makes everything about judgment and that ability to discern what’s good and what’s not good.

And what it does is it gives preference to dominant power, or power over people in such a way that you can no longer trust yourself, or maybe you’ve never even learned to trust yourself.

And so the idea of karma from a couple of thousand years ago, was an attempt to set a very clear connection between cause and effect.

And therefore, to be able to delineate what’s good and what’s bad.

And while that might have been very helpful, in a lot of different ways, it was really more a manipulation of power over people, and a way to dominate.

Because when you are focused solely on the rationality of cause and effect, you lose connection with your ability to trust yourself and trust that you can get to your own truth.

And when you trust yourself, and when you feel an ability to be able to decide what truth is for you, you don’t need cause and effect, because you’ve shifted your perspective out of the linear and out of the physical, to see that you are a transcendent being, in every moment connected to All That Is.

And so, what becomes important is how you know, how you do your work, how you engage both with yourself and others, and how you learn that there are no limits to connection, to love, to the beauty that’s in this world.

And that that’s what drives you.

That’s what brings you back here.

It’s not because you messed up last time, and now you’re coming back to make amends here, but because you take joy in participating.

And you know how amazing life is here on this planet, in this dimension, connected to the infinite and the eternal, both physically and non-physically, spiritually divine, that you do not have to live within limits, that your life is part of the boundlessness.

And cause and effect always happen in the moment.

And it’s your choice that takes you from moment to moment in your life.

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