What is the Quantum Field?

What is the Quantum Field? In this Akashic Records Q&A event, this question is asked: What is the Quantum Field? How is accessible? The response discusses multidimensionality, the dynamic view, and the energy of the transcendent.

The Founders: 

Energetically the quantum field is a dimensional shift, that is connected to your physical reality. And it’s available essentially through what we’re going to call the still point, which is where zero point energy is located. So in other words, it’s this idea that energetically you get to a place where you think that there would be no energy. And in fact, there’s infinitely more energy than would have ever been predicted. And the quantum field is connected. What we want to do is to bring in this idea that, as human beings, you, because of this dominance of your minds, and your bodies over your heart and souls, over the last two to 3000 years, you’ve gotten to the place where you tend to think of everything from the physical point of view. There’s a certain egocentric kind of perspective in looking at everything physically, but from the mind and the body. That makes sense, that’s physical. 

And so a lot of what we’ve talked about, both spiritually and from a scientific point of view, has been through that physical perspective. So when the idea of quantum mechanics began to come into awareness through the work of Albert Einstein, for example, and a whole lot of other people, which interestingly corresponds with a lot of work that was done on the Akasha, and the Akashic Records, and the idea of the ether, but we digress. 

The quantum field is, in essence, an awareness of the slight dimensional shift from your physical reality. It’s part of you, but it’s also beyond you, so in the quantum field, which is both physical and not physical and by not physical, more like, of the Divine, of the infinite and the eternal. It is a dimensional shift between who you are physically moving into who you are spiritually, when you are pure potential, so that zero point energy is the energetic expression of that quantum field. 

A lot of people out there think that working with zero point energy would be a way to energetically take care of your energetic needs, for example, so that you don’t destroy the planet to get enough gas to run your cars for example. It’s not that it won’t happen, but you have to begin to shift your minds away from a solely physical point of view, and begin to look at things from what we would call a dynamic point of view. So with the static view versus the dynamic view, the static view is looking at everything from a linear point of view, past, present, and future. It’s a chronology, it’s a timeline. And then you think of everything that way. It’s also limited to linear space. And that’s great and wonderful, in a lot of ways, but it’s not everything that there is.

Whereas the dynamic view is beginning to understand from the point of view of divine consciousness, from the point of view of the infinite and eternal. And when you do that, it shifts things in such a way that they are things that you wouldn’t think are possible physically, like the Akashic Records would be a really good example of this. The outdated belief is that the Akashic Records is like a book in a heavenly library. If you’re thinking of everything from a physical point of view, then that makes sense, but when you begin to think of things from the point of view of the infinite and eternal, the perspective shifts, and things that weren’t possible before become possible now. 

And so the quantum field, in a lot of ways is about how the potential of the infinite and eternal, the energy of the transcendent, is connected through the quantum field through the quantum potential into physical reality. So this is really apt, right at the juncture of your perspectives and understanding of the world and how it works and what’s possible and where this is all shifting. 

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