What is Trauma within the Akashic Records?

Trauma is generally the freezing of energy somewhere in its motion from potential to form, though sometimes form to potential.

Just as you are an aspect of the flow of All That Is, within you are multiple flows of energy all with three characteristics: motion, intention and knowing.

When trauma occurs, intention and knowing are masked or covered from view.

Trauma occurs when the system is not able to fight because there is an overwhelm to the system which surges fear.

Though there can be a myriad of emotions and sensations, fear is the predominant, overriding feeling.

Fear is also on an energetic basis for the motion which instigates the trauma split. 

This split is the cushioning or separation of the frozen energy which contains the experience which produced the fear and the trauma.

This trauma split is stored away either somewhere in the body or it is jettisoned from the body kind of like a helium balloon with the “string” attached often through the heart or the head, or from some other place on the body.

On some occasions, especially in the case of severe trauma, the energetic body will leave the physical body, leaving the trauma behind.

Though to help release trauma you don’t have to know where trauma is located to support release.

In the Akashic Records, supporting release comes primarily through attention to fear. 

The question to guide toward release:  What are you afraid of?


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