Where Do I Feel Out of Alignment with My Body?

Your body is an expression of wisdom—a wisdom which will communicate with you if you will listen.

To listen you need trust that you can hear what is said and trust in what you receive.

Your body’s wisdom is intimately connected with every bit of you: your muscles, bones, veins, arteries, every system, every part. This wisdom is holistic meaning that it is found throughout the whole and within even the tiniest drop of blood.

When you feel out of alignment, your body’s wisdom is whispering to you: pay attention, please!

Looking immediately with your mind for whatever is out of sorts can often lead you to the point of challenge.

However, often you need to feel into what feels unbalanced or out of connection. Often the wisdom of your body speaks to your heart, asking for attention and awareness.

Focusing on your body’s wisdom, ask:

Where do I feel out of alignment with my body?


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