Who are the Pleiadians?

Who are the Pleiadians?: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: 

Who are the Pleiadians? Is there a connection between the Pleiadians, Planet Earth and Mother Earth?

So they want to start by saying yes, there is a connection between the Pleiadians, Planet Earth and Mother Earth, which is basically an interdimensional connection.

We’re going to become more aware of how other physical dimensions interact with Earth.

If we’re looking at it from a linear point of view, if you just draw two circles, and they interlock, there’s a part that overlaps. This doesn’t mean that just that little part of the Pleiadians interacts with just that little part of planet Earth, because it’s an energetic integration.

Some people out there think about this as another star system, and in a certain sense, that’s true, too. But it’s more about the inter-dimensionality of the two existences. And with the Arcturians, it’s a similar thing. They’re a part of our physical galaxy and also not. Sometimes they’re going to appear humanoid, and sometimes they may just appear as light or as other things.

And there are people on Earth who are connected with Pleadians, who have definitely had existences as Pleadians, or have had connections.

The Founders think that’s a good answer at this point.

Who are the Pleiadians? This one of many questions and answers with the Founders of the Akashic Records. Visit this page for more Q&A. Join a Q&A Session and ask your own questions!

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