Why Do We Experience Pain?

In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: As God’s spark of light, why do we have the experience of pain? Their response explores the connection between pain, balance, truth, and deep personal connection.

So basically, what the Records are going to do is answer the question what is pain about?

So, if we start at the place that balance always is, we live in a world where balance always is.

As human beings, we take on an integration of who we are at the soul level with who we are in a physical expression in this moment. And the purpose of us being here doing that is to learn, to explore, to understand, to deepen our experiences.

The way that we do that is essentially by exploring balance, where harmony is, where resonance is. And because on the Earth at this point, the agreements are that we will have linear awareness, this means that we have a very strong sense of past, present, and future, we have a very strong sense of depth, width, and height, and we have a sense of three-dimensional space. And that’s how we want to learn.

I mean, we could have agreements, and Earth has done this at different points, where the agreement for humanity was to be completely and totally aware at all moments of the multi-dimensionality of All That Is.

However, in this time, our agreements have their beginnings within the linear perspective. And, so, getting to awareness of where balance is, within the multi-dimensionality of all of it, is essentially what pain is.

This is a really broad way of looking at pain. I’m not talking about the pain you get when you break a fingernail, or scrape your knee or something like that. They’re talking about the pain that you feel within yourself. And what that is – an awareness of what seems like the opposite of balance. It’s an awareness of dissonance, of friction, of a sense that things are grating against each other in a way that’s not helpful or healthy.

Pain isn’t here because we’re failed beings, right? Like how the Garden of Eden would try to make us into, you know, somehow we did something wrong. It’s because of the nature of what it means to be human on the planet right now.

Participant Observes: I find it interesting that what feels like truth is love. And I find in the human existence, we’re in pain when we are defying truth. And we are in the lie. And the lie being such that, you know, perhaps it’s like worthiness, right? And as you’ve mentioned several times, Cheryl, our worthiness is intrinsic, right? It’s not something that is proven, right? And so when we’re not aware of the intrinsic nature of our worthiness, then that can create pain because it’s not in the truth.

The Founders continue:

However, it’s often that pain is truth. Because if pain is an experience of awareness, or let’s say, an experience of a lack of awareness, pain comes when you can’t figure out where balance is.

In a very basic way of talking about this energetically, pain comes because you can’t figure out where the balance is. You don’t feel it, you think maybe it’s not there, or that you broke it or whatever.

And so what we tend to call negative emotion, whatever that is, is an aspect of the lack of being aware of where balance is. But the negative emotions are still truthful, if that’s where you’re at.

Participant observes: Because pain essentially, then, is a facilitator of expansion.

The Founders continue: Yes, exactly. Because it puts you out into your outer space. The feeling of not finding the balance point. And then, through the intention of wanting that balance point comes the truth. Basically, what happens is that as you have an awareness of what the pain is about, for you, you begin to explore where balance is for you. So, there’s truth in all of that.

In other words, when you are able to acknowledge that there was pain for you, you are being truthful with yourself about your experience. And then you allow yourself to use that awareness to help yourself move to a place where you feel resonance, where you feel balance, where you feel harmony, where you feel peace.

You feel calm, you feel joy, all of those things are aspects of balance. And all are points at which you can let go of the pain because it’s no longer necessary.

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