Why I Wrote The New Akashic Records

Why I Wrote The New Akashic Records explains my journey into both book writing and the Akashic Records.

The New Akashic Records was the first book I wrote and published back in 2010 and to this day I am clear about why I wrote it!

I was driven to answer a question: Why is the Akashic Records associated with the Book of Life?

Much like a dog who won’t let go of the bone, I pushed and shook and pursued the answer.

Essentially what I found was that no one else had done the research and anyone who mentioned the association did so either as if the question had been answered already or didn’t seem to want to bother with a concise, reputable response.

I set out and researched all the primary resources I could find and read — which was a bit of a challenge since most primary resources for this topic are in ancient Sumerian and Babylonian. I persisted. While I didn’t learn Sumerian, I was able to find my way through a hill of materials on the origins of the Book of Life.

I learned and I thought and I began to make connections which led to more questions and more research and more thought.

I spent several years in pursuit and in writing. The book went through several major re-organizations. My bibliography expanded. My thoughts billowed. Until finally one day, I realized I had a finished manuscript.

In keeping with the pioneering energy of this book, I decided to step out on to the branch of self publishing, opened my own publishing company and did all the things to make my dream real.

I became a published author and before I knew it, I became an award-winning author when I was bestowed with the Montaigne Medal from the Eric Hoffer Foundation. Which might not mean much to many but meant the world to me because Mr. Hoffer was one of my revered authors in high school and university.

Recently, I decided to publish a third edition of this book complete with new cover and updated Author’s Note — which I think does a mighty fine job of further answering the question about what this book has been about for me — and can be for you!

The New Akashic Records, Author’s Note – Third Edition

I publish this third edition of The New Akashic Records because of what this book is and what it is not.

This award-winning book is not a how-to-open-the-Records book. Since the first edition over ten years ago, I have published several how-to books including my signature The Akashic Records Masterclass.

This book is also not a re-hash of the standard explanations of the Akashic Records. 

It certainly is not a simple story or an easily digested beach read.

No parlor-tricks. No sound bites. No quick fixes or easy steps.

Instead, this is the most complex, deep dive you will ever find into the heart and mind of the Akashic Records.

History in spades. Typically ignored science and spirituality connections deftly considered.

Progressive metaphysical explanations of old metaphors in each and every section.

All based on a unique, innovative approach to understanding the energetic flow of the Akashic Records from the soul’s point of view – I call this Soul Energy Dynamics.

Literally an Akashic Records investigation never done until I began fifteen years ago.

Recently, I re-read this book and, honestly, I was blown away! For two reasons.

First, everything is still relevant and maybe even more so given the increased interest in the Akashic Records since the first edition in 2010.

Second, this book is timeless and perhaps will always be ahead of its time.

That’s because the depth of this book comes not just in the complexity and depth of the content it tackles.

But, because this book came out of my mystic soul and my open heart, it is energetically layered and dynamically in motion.

Everyone who has ever told me about reading this book, has related how they will read a section, then come back a day or a week or a month later, re-read the same section and then swear that the section is different with new information and understanding.

Which is kinda crazy for a book with such an academic bent there are footnotes.

Yet, it makes sense to me because I know what it was like to write this tome, this encyclopedic inquiry into the spiritual and physical nature of the Akashic Records.

Each word, each phrase, within every paragraph and every section made its way to paper through the integration of this writer, body, mind, heart, and soul.

Every day, as I sat down to write, I would say a blessing and then I would feel the day’s content, pick up my pen, and write page after page.

I didn’t have to outline or plan ahead. I was so absorbed, I lost track of time. 

All of this because of one question, “What is the Book of Life?”

Initially, I began writing a book I thought would simply be about my experience with the Akashic Records and what the Records had shared with me about the energetics and nature of this incredible source of knowing, healing, and spiritual practice.

One day, I asked myself: Why associate the Akashic Records with the Book of Life?

I picked up my red leather-bound Bible my grandparents had gifted me on my ninth birthday and looked in the concordance for Book of Life references.

I found that the first mention of the Book of Life is in Exodus – and that meant I was needing to look into ancient Jewish history.

First rabbit hole dive: What is the Book of Life? Where did it come from? What has it meant for humanity throughout history? 

I looked everywhere. Books. Articles. Online databases. I made my English teacher proud with the bibliography I built and the notes I amassed. There was even a point I considered learning ancient Sumerian to be able to go deeper into the roots of the Tablets of Destiny traceable into the Jewish history which birthed the Abrahamic Book of Life expression in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

This experience then spilled over into the next question: Why are the Akashic Records said to be of Hindu origin?

Second rabbit hole dive: What is Akasha? Where did the term Akashic Records come from?

This shifted my research into all the religions which use Sanskrit as a holy language. After a bit, I narrowed my focus to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tibetan Bön.

Third rabbit hole dive: Why translate Akasha as Aether?

This took me from the micro to the macro, from atom to quantum, from ancient to modern, from illusion to reality. 

Then proving that wyrd wend as she willeth, I came full circle connecting all the dots, weaving together heart and mind into a coherent experience of the Akashic Records within the history of humankind.

Not a linear thing or a static recording that you might, if you are lucky, happen to chance upon.

Not limited to the past or constrained by physical requirements.

Yet, showing up in various ways throughout recorded history, pointing the way towards an understanding of the boundlessness of All That Is and the human heart.

As was true in 2010 and is true today: this book is for the serious spiritual seeker. For the person who exalts in the synchronicities between history and science, art and religion, linguistics and computer science. The reader who can find excitement in the mystical and the intellectual, the metaphysical and the scientific.

Ultimately,  this book is a gift from me to you. Just because one day, I had the courage to ask a question and seek an answer.

May you, too, find the Akashic Records to be a personal journey of truth, trust, and self-worth which supports finding what you want to know and what serves you to let go.

Learn. Laugh. Love. Be. Become. Always.

To get your copy of this award-winning book, check out this page: The New Akashic Records

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Cheryl has expanded the collective understanding of the Akashic Records beyond the outdated myths of yesterday into a dynamic healing spiritual practice of divine and human consciousness. She consults in the Akashic Records with clients around the world through one-on-one sessions, extensive research, and future-driven, strategic business development.

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