Will Discrepancies in the Bible Become More Widely Understood?

Will Discrepancies in the Bible Become More Widely Understood?: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question:

 Some people now are looking into unpicking the history of the discrepancies within the Bible. Is that going to become more mainstream or will it be suppressed?

Some people now are looking into unpicking the history of the discrepancies within the Bible. Is that going to become more mainstream or will it be suppressed?

Participant: Can I just ask, is this part of why a few people are now examining the history of the discrepancies within the Bible? And people like David Icke are actually saying these things. They obviously try to make him look like an idiot, but it’s not going to work, and as this evidence becomes more mainstream, they are not going to be able to suppress it.

The Founders continue:

Part of the definition of Power Over is control over mass consciousness, but it’s also control over information, what is deemed proper to know, what the Records called the Illusion of Standards. Part of what maintains power is to create standards that are repressive. So a lot of what you’re referring to here is information that is either coming from a repressive agenda or pushing back at a repressive agenda.

Then the other part of it is that looking at the past is infinitely more fluid than we would ever suppose it to be, not that it can be changed. It’s about its effect and the perspective you take to understand it shifts. So, if you look at the different versions of the Bible, like, for example, the Syriac Bible and the King James Version of the Bible, you’ll find phrases that are said in such different ways that they seem to contradict each other from one version to the other.

So if you’re thinking of the Bible as a holy manuscript that only contains truth, how do you explain the discrepancies? Well, part of the reason is that you can look at how it’s been translated. For example, the King James Version went from Greek to Latin, to English. And then some parts of it even went from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English, whereas the Syriac Bible is written in an ancient form that has actually never gone through a translation process.

So if you start debating what’s true, based on different versions of it, then certainly different people are going to make different conclusions. And what was true then isn’t really as relevant as where the truth is for you now. And then there’s also effects that happen, like it almost goes back to the question that we had about the effect of the 2011 Japanese tsunami and earthquake, about how that affects the grid. And so, a lot of the way knowledge is shared on the planet becomes a part of that grid, becomes a part of mass consciousness. And it is also fluid, meaning that there’s no true singular way carved in stone. We don’t tend to carve things in stone very much anymore anyway. But there isn’t just one truthful format or version. It’s different versions for different times.

And so the question really becomes more about where is truth for you now. And that, in and of itself, is a challenge to Power Over because you’re willing to come to your own truth, not be told what your truth is. So it’s not just a matter of the content of the arguments that’s a problem for Power Over, it’s also the process that people are going through in terms of deciding which argument they are going to believe. The Power Over agenda would rather we just believe what they tell us to believe, and shut up and be quiet about it. Instead, what we are learning to do is think for ourselves and be responsible for that thought.

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