Will War in Ukraine lead to WWIII?

In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: Will war in Ukraine lead to World War III? Their response discusses the future of another possibility.

Will war in Ukraine lead to World War III?

There’s probably something else that’s going to happen that actually lessens this and keeps it from being an all out world war for several years.

It has more the feeling right now — and of course, this could all change — but it has right now has the feeling of being something that’s more like altercations for about four to six months, and then the unexpected happens, and that shifts everybody’s perspective.

They’ve told me this to me several times before, but they’re thinking that this just needs to be said right now. In about nine to twelve months, there’s going to be an unexpected event on on the earth somewhat like how we had a pandemic.

This is going to completely refocus our energy about what we do and how we live.

Basically it’ll have an impact on the economies of the world that will last about three months and then we’ll come out of it.

In some respects, there’s worse things than Russia and Ukraine.

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