Why the Women’s Spiritual Call to the Mountains?

Women’s Spiritual Call to the Mountains: In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question:

I notice a shift and many spiritual women are being called towards the mountains.
What is the shift about?

Their response discusses the deepest sense of connection with All That Is.

We believe that the best way to answer that question is to talk about what we were saying earlier about connection with the planet — connection with All that Is. There’s a call to take care of your sense of connection — that’s a call to step into that deeper awareness of connection and to live in a balance, instead of living, feeling a struggle to live in what doesn’t feel like balance.

The other part is that the mountains are calling. And the oceans are calling. And for some, the desert is calling.

But the mountains in particular, hold a very special type of energy that is resonant on multiple levels. They’re sort of like both a base energy — base meaning low like a very deep drum. And it’s very slow. Whereas there’s also in most mountains, there’s also a very light energy, almost of the light, but if it was physical, it would have the sense of being very light and melodic.

People are coming — being called into the mountains to help raise that energy, to bring that awareness of that intertwined melodic energy. To connect with it and to make and create a sacred space for the mountain to speak.

There’s lots to be said and there’s much within the the realm of that the mountain: not just the mountain, there’s the forest, there’s the grass, there’s the animals, there’s the sky, there’s the whatever the flowers. All of this is a part of a connected system that can both support and sustain all of itself and any human being who lives within both the local connection, which means that they would live physically close or on the mountain, and the nonlocal connection because the mountains are connected.

Mountains have a very strong inner connection in a nonlocal way so that a mountain in the United States can be connected to a mountain in Europe or Asia or Africa. The Earth is connected, for example, along ley lines. But there’s infinitely more and deeper connections.

Plus, mountains are a really good place to connect with multiple dimensions. And as we go forward especially those that are learning trust and learning to live with the unexpected are going to become more and more aware of a variety of different dimensions that are opening up both in the mountains and in forests and across different physical locations on the planet.

Along with arrival energy is the the return of the ancient wisdom. The mountains are one of the main places that you can connect with ancient wisdom. Buttes and valleys — anywhere there’s a transfer place of energy. Also on a beach or a riverside. You have multiple elements moving with each other. Those are always places that the dimensions are available and there’s a lot of shifting there that’s happening.

What humanity thought was lost forever is both coming from the past and the future at the same time.

There is a revival and in the mountains you can find this revelation.

Women’s Spiritual Call to the Mountains is one of many questions and answers with the Founders of the Akashic Records. Visit this page for more Q&A.

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