Words of Personal Power

Spiritual Practice of Claiming Language as Power-Within

Expansive workshop to learn how to integrate your truth and personal power with conscious attention to the words you use to express yourself and experience life!

Have you ever consciously examined the meaning and power of the words you use to express yourself?

Interested in learning the language of your body, mind, heart, and soul integrated with your truth and Power-Within?

In this unique workshop, you will learn the spiritual practice of claiming language as Power-Within!

The act of claiming is a conscious process of making something yours. You are defining your relationship, interaction, and intention.

Energetically, language is “of your tongue” and reflects both the conscious and unconscious aspects of personal power and self-belief.

To claim language is to establish conscious awareness of the words you use to express yourself.

Claiming language is an inherent personal process which when done with conscious awareness is an act of and support for Power-Within.

When you look at the words of your tongue and bring conscious awareness to the energy surrounding the word, you open the door to release blocks and the current history or ancestral legacy of the word which no longer serves you.

You consciously reframe, release, and restore the word to support your personal power.

In a sense, it is a process of releasing the fear and terror buried under the surface of conscious awareness.

In this workshop, Words of Personal Power, you will learn the process to claim the words of your tongue!

How is this Workshop organized?

Following the four forms of power dynamics, the workshop has four section offered across eight months. In other words, we do 6 weeks of work and then take a break for a week or two before moving on to the next section.

Words of the Dismissed Self

February 21 thru March 27
8am Central

Words of the Deluded Self

April 10 thru May 15
8am Central

Words of the Truthful Self

June 12 thru July 17
8am Central

Words of the Essential Self

August 7 thru September 11
8am Central

In each section, we meet six times and in each meeting we learn about two words within the current power perspective.

For each word is Information and knowing in these perspectives:

Ancient Story of Meaning

the energetic story of the word and its communication of body and mind

Energy Dynamics Definition

based on both ancient legacy and current history

Power Dynamics Twist

how power dynamics influences awareness, usage, and creative expression

Wisdom Perspective

how personal power is supported within both personal and group wisdom

What Words Will We Explore?

As it stands right now, here’s my plan for each section of the workshop. I may adjust and shift as the need arises either because of me or the students in the workshop.

Also as we go along, we will not only be building a lexicon of Words of Personal Power, but I will also introduce related or connected words somewhat like a thesaurus.

Remember, the workshop will also offer a process for investigating and claiming any word of interest to you.

Words of the Dismissed Self

Power-Over: Words of the Deluded Self

Power-With: Words of the Truthful Self

Power-Within: Words of the Essential Self












Making Do









































Here’s the plan for each class:

♦️ Discussion on the four components of the first word:

  • Ancient Story of Meaning,
  • Energetic Dynamics Definition,
  • Power Dynamics Twist, and
  • Wisdom Perspective.

♦️ Opportunity for questions & comments

♦️ Next is discussion on the second word and its components — interweaving the two words

♦️ More Q&A

♦️ Personal Power Hotspot — using the Words of Personal Power Questions, I will assist volunteer participants claim the word for themselves within personal power. Utilizing the Akashic Records, this is a process of powerful release especially of fear and re-connection with personal truth.

The discussion entertains the mind and begins heart connection to possibility and release. The Q&A helps everyone clarify details and explore deeper.

Plus, whether or not you volunteer for the hotspot (this is optional), there is powerful release in witnessing the hotspot dialogue with another student. Often their stumbling blocks are a like lot yours.

Each class gives you the opportunity To Do Your Work and claim the language of your Power-Within!

Several years ago, when I went looking in the Akashic Records for information about spiritual development, I was gifted with an incredible body of mystic wisdom which I thought at first was only about ascended living. As I have worked with this guidance and presented it to students, I have come to understand the deeper layers are about the power dynamics our lives exist within.

Power dynamics are human dynamics. In part of the teaching, there are twelve pressure points of modern living which inhibit our abilities to live within our personal power. The Spiritual Practice of Personal Power is the conscious effort to relieve these pressure points and claim intrinsic self-worth and Power-Within.

Words of Personal Power apply the understanding of power dynamics, spiritual practice, and the current process of physical-spiritual integration to claiming personal language and creative expression through Power-Within. Right now this work is available for study through this workshop and through the in-progress books I hope to publish by the end of 2024.

Here are some background articles and other possibilities for study related to Words of Personal Power:

Spiritual Practice of Personal Power — definitions and introduction

Spiritual Practice of Personal Power Workshops — all the workshops and courses I offer

To Do Your Work: Twelve Pressure Points

To Do Your Work Workshop (available now) the book, and its introduction to be published third quarter 2024

Everything included in this workshop:

24 weeks of live, in-person classes, with a 1-2 week break every six weeks.

International Community of Students: I am blessed to have an amazing group of students from around the world. We are all serious about learning and love to laugh and enjoy life.

Guidance Questions to create your own energetic, personal power definition for any word

Words of Personal Power Lexicon with thesaurus of associated language connections

Audio recordings and transcripts of all classes

Online course housing all workshop material

Reading material relevant to each word

Free 15-minute Check-ins:

Sometimes you just need a little adjustment or have a quick question for me. Schedule a 15-minute check-in and we’ll get you moving.

75% Discount on the One-on-One Intensive:

Many students like to have more than 15-minutes of one-on-one time with me to process their personal learning and growth. Frequent sessions can be good for accountability, a confidential ear, or the welcome of a frequent Reading with me. Receive a 75% discount when you add the One-on-One Intensive to your workshop.

Studying in the Akashic Records with Cheryl as my guide has been a gift.

It has been an empowering journey of personal discovery.

The breadth and depth Cheryl brings to her workshops and classes is unlike anything else I have attended.

I always leave class inspired and wanting more.

AP, Massachusetts


Words of Personal Power Workshop

Good to Know:

Each class is two hours and begins at 8am Central, USA. We meet once a week for 6 weeks and then take a short 1-2 week break. This workshop has 4 six-week sections.

Because all classes are recorded and the reading material is provided online, you may jump into this course any time.

All class meetings are held via Zoom and are accessible wherever you are located by phone, tablet, or computer.

Depending on the size of the class, not all students will be able to participate in the Personal Power Hotspot each class.

Workshop tuition is your choice — one you make when you register.

Upon registration, you will receive email confirmation of all workshop dates and will receive a reminder 24 hours before each class.

Workshop Tuition



or $84 x 6 months



or $100 x 6 months



or $63 x 6 months



or $34 x 6 months

I endeavor to offer my courses with a pricing schedule which works no matter where you are located around the world, across all income levels, and without accessibility limitations.

The suggested, standard fee for this worship is $499.

You may make a one time payment or choose the payment plan of 6 monthly payments. You choose the price you pay in a range between $200-$650 in a one time payment or between $34 to $250 in 6 monthly payments — just change the price amount on the checkout page.

Once payment is made, there are no refunds. If you register after the first class, you can access the course material and class recording in the online course material.

You may also choose not to attend the lives classes and complete the course self-paced.