Working with the Akashic Records on Esoteric Topics

From an Akashic Records Q&A event, comes this question: Cheryl, can you talk a little bit about how you use the Records to help research esoteric topics? I describe working with the akashic Records for past and future projects plus the power of releasing labels to see beyond into the unknown.


I know you do amazing work in that area.

Cheryl Marlene

Thank you, I appreciate that. So yes, I do an awful lot of work in the Akashic Records on a whole range of topics, and both what we would think of as looking towards the past, like what we call cold cases, and trying to understand historical events or finding sources related to something from 50 years ago, or it could even be 5000 years ago. And it’s also possible to look into the future. When you do that, it’s not so much about exactly what’s going to happen, although it’s not impossible to be predictive. But it’s very much more about analyzing trends. And okay, it looks like the train is going to this destination. If you like that, then cool. If you don’t, then maybe you need to get off that train. 

I think of it as strategy and strategic analysis that helps you both personally and I do this work a lot for businesses, where it’s about putting together the strategy forward, and that strategy can cover several months, as much as it can cover several years. There’s something about how I work with the Records that they really like dealing with esoteric topics, things that are sometimes really hard to get a hold of. Talking about the difference between the static view and the dynamic view, there’s some simple things you can do to shift your perspective, that help you take a broader perspective, or even a deeper perspective into understanding things. A lot of this also comes with this idea about how the agreements on the planet are shifting, and we are moving into a whole new way relative to the last couple of thousand years, a whole new way for humanity to live, which means that a whole lot of our spiritual ideas are either transforming or transmuting. The essence of them is shifting, whereas transformation is a shift in the structure. So it’s a transmutational shift. And a lot of ideas that have worked like karma, for example, isn’t a necessary perspective, within physical spiritual integration. So in dealing with different esoteric topics, part of it is really learning to be open to the idea of letting go of the labels that we have, about how things work, or how they don’t work or judgment and being open to what, up until now has been unknown, and maybe even a little bit on the scary side. So I hope that that answers the question there for you. 

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