Divine Assistance and the Akashic Records

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Exploring the energetics and blocks of Ask and Receive, the Divine Assistance Triad, and your Temple of Light.

This course explores an innovative approach to working with Divine Assistance.

The Akashic Records are a very specialized and important source of divine assistance. Through the Records are an uncountable number of connections with other forms of Divine Assistance including angels, ascended masters, and many, many more.

In four class sessions, we will explore the energetics of Ask and Receive and the Triad of Divine Assistance approach.

We will learn how to create and interact with a Divine Assistance Triad for any topic or area of concern.

We will explore how expectation, demand, and an inability to receive interfere with the natural ability to interact and connect with Divine Assistance.

Finally, each student will have the tools and knowledge necessary to create a protocol incorporating intentional connection with Divine Assistance within an Akashic Record Reading.