Introduction to Soul Energy Dynamics

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Trailblazing innovation in understanding the energy mechanics of the Akashic Records: the how and why of the soul’s perspective!

This course explains Cheryl’s unique and innovative approach to the soul energy dynamics of the Akashic Records.

Most will explain the Akashic Records as the container of everything past, present, and future. Often described as a book in a library.

However, I take a very different approach and explain the energetic flow of the Akashic Records from the soul’s point of view and outside of the influence of the physical world and linear time.

When seen from this spiritual energy perspective, the potential of the Akashic Records expands beyond limited physical-world metaphors. A door opens to allow our interaction with this divinely-supported spiritual practice beyond the confines of physical space and time.

As an Akashic Records Intensive student, you will have encountered bits of this course within Akashic Records for You and Akashic Records for Other. Here the focus is entirely on Soul Energy Dynamics and prepares you for advanced Akashic Record Courses.

This introductory course has its own workshop schedule which you join upon registration.