Worthy of Love
Akashic Record Reading

Worthy of Love is a powerful Akashic Records Reading experience with me to help you release and heal your blocks to loving and being loved.

Worthy of Love is also a personal workshop to explore self-worth and self-trust so that love has room to bloom in your life for you!

Akashic Record Readings Worthy of Love with Cheryl Marlene

Feeling ready to expand your ability to love?

Ready to deepen your sense of self worth?

Every day I witness people struggling to feel worthy within all the external challenges we all face.

Every day, because of this chaos, folks show up at my door feeling battered and beaten, feeling iffy about their personal worth and not all that lovable.

For some — that loving feeling might seem to have been gone for a while.

Or for some — it’s a sense that loving others is second nature but loving self is a challenge.

While others feel themselves grasping for something they feel might not have ever been there.

All of them, in some way, are struggling to feel worthy of receiving and giving love.

Where do You begin?

Like so much in life, the best answer to resolving the issue of worthiness is to take one step – one small step.

In this case, that first step is:


Yes, you heard me right!


Give yourself a moment to feel inside and observe what’s happening within your heart and mind, body and soul.

What’s not working?

What’s pushing at you the worst?

What’s keeping you from feeling connected and capable – and worthy?

Now you are ready for the next step:


Begin with this:

The foundation of Love in all its forms is the same as personal authenticity and agency:

Self-worth & Self-trust.

The answer isn’t somehow magically and immediately love yourself and now all your troubles are extinguished.

This is coming at yourself from a really unhelpful direction.

Your path is to do your work on your sense of worth and your trust in yourself.

If you can trust yourself, you have the foundation necessary to feel yourself worthy.

If you feel worthy, trust is much easier to establish within yourself.

With self-trust and self-worth, love flows within you and through you easily and naturally.

When you STOP and LEARN, you give yourself the opportunity to create a safe space to do your work.

With self-worth and self-trust growing — Love will follow.

How can you build a strong inner sense of personal worth and trust?

Most people question themselves, feeling either not enough – or sometimes too much.

The push is to find some way to prove yourself worthy — to prove you are valuable.

If life is deemed worthy, the belief goes, then the platform for Love is established and externally validated.

However, when self-worth is questioned, confidence to trust yourself is challenged.

In fact, self-trust can feel riddled with holes or just plain gone at times.

Which deepens the urge to feel worthy and begins a hopeless chase after trust.

Chasing trust will get you nowhere fast and leave you spinning in circles.

Stop the chase and begin within!

Learning to trust your worthiness and feel the love begins within you.

Here’s the key idea:

Your worth is intrinsic – no proof needed!!

In other words, you are a valuable, amazing human being who is worthy of love.

Just as you are.

Sure, stuff has happened which makes you question yourself.

The issue isn’t make or prove yourself worthy. Nope!

The path forward is to KNOW, FEEL, and TRUST you are worthy.

The way you move into love is to begin to recognize your essential self as authentic, empowered, and worthy of love.

How does Love bloom from Worth and Trust?

Worthy of Love by Cheryl Marlene

I know from my own personal experience that this is a topic that is very easy to spin and waver and sink into major doubt.

Filled with ups and downs, even the most serious seeker can question their inherent value and doubt their capacity to give and receive love.

I have found that the first step is to pay attention to what that snarky, critical voice in me is spouting sometimes non-stop.

This criticism contains the path of release and the shift needed to move from self-doubt to a clear sense of self-worth.

This single step forward begins the experience of trusting yourself and believing that you are worthy of love.

Now you have the support needed to see if there is anything else keeping you from feeling the love within you and around you.

Outdated habits, old stories, erroneous beliefs plus the contents of your critical voice can be left by the wayside with a little effort on your part.

Learning how you benefit from these blocks begins the path of release.

Learning what love is for you, how you feel it, experience it, express it – now you are consciously doing your work to reinforce self-worth and self-trust.

The key to self-worth and self-trust isn’t about what you do out there in the world to prove you are worthy.

The key begins within YOU by acknowledging, releasing, or incorporating whatever shifts will serve the best that you are and can become as an empowered, beautiful being worthy of love.

What are the steps of my journey in Worthy of Love?

This very special Akashic Records Reading with me is designed to help you find your key to self-worth and self-trust and how both block your loving connection with yourself and others. Here are your steps!

Step One: STOP!

Take a deep breath and pay attention to that critical voice within you!

When you schedule the first session, I will send a simple practice to help you inventory the contents of your critical voice. This practice is simple: listen to your critical voice, write down the criticism, and then pick the three statements or judgements, or accusations, or any wow-do-I-really-think-that-of-myself awareness which feel the most agonizing. We’ll look at each of the three in your Reading. After the Reading you’ll have the steps to look at whatever else calls you on your list or might show up in the future.

Step Two: Akashic Record Reading with me!

This Worthy of Love experience includes two Akashic Records Readings with me — one for an hour and the second for thirty minutes.

At your first Reading session with me, we will begin with a list of Question Suggestions for you. We will also get input for you about the three judgments you have chosen. The questions I suggest are aimed at helping you figure out what will help you feel worthy of love. Of course, you can also ask questions that come to you before or during the Reading.

Step Three: Do Your Work!

I will share with you my online course, Worthy of Love.

In this, you will find thoughts, practice, questions, and affirmations focused on developing within you a strong sense that you are worthy of love. Eight lessons in total, each one helping you look at different ways you question your worth, doubt trust, and hold back from love. Plus, I highly recommend that you listen to the recording I will send of your session. I’ll also send you an automated transcript of your reading. Lots of folks find this a good place for more notes, highlights, and big ole stars⭐️ !

Step Four: Second Reading with me!

Scheduled about 4-6 weeks after the first Reading, in this 30-minute second session, you bring any questions, concerns, or requests for healing that have arisen since the first session. Maybe there are questions you want to repeat. Maybe new questions have come up as you did your work. Maybe you have felt a block rise to the surface. With the assistance of your Akashic Records, we will address your concerns and do whatever release work may be indicated.

What can I expect from Worthy of Love?

Between the two sessions with me and your personal efforts, you will have guidance to do your work on trust, self-worth, and your loving nature. Here’s what you will have addressed and possibly released:

  • The effect of the words of your worst, habitual self-criticism
  • Why you don’t feel worthy
  • Ways to release self-doubt and self-criticism
  • Deeper understanding about why trust is problematic for you
  • Detailed dive into the benefit you unconsciously receive from thinking poorly of yourself
  • Blocks to both giving and receiving Love
  • What Love is for you

Book Now!

Akashic Record Readings Worthy of Love with Cheryl Marlene

Worthy of Love Akashic Record Reading:

  • Two Akashic Record Readings with Cheryl, 60 minutes and 30 minutes, scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart
  • Audio Recordings and Automated Transcripts of both Readings
  • Access to Worthy of Love, my online course with 8 lessons and directions to make your way through all the practices, questions, affirmations, and reading material included.