Here’s a Writing Guide to all the resources you can find here on my website.

I love writing!

I write fiction and non-fiction.

I have books and a newsletter. I have articles that I post to my blog.

I am always in the middle of several writing projects.

Plus I have a vision board with ideas for more.

The following is a Writing Guide to all the forms information and writing is available from me.


Here’s the list of all my current books.

My signature series: Akashic Records Master Course – fiction and nonfiction about sacred sexuality.


Articles, Affirmations, Questions, Stories, Poetry, and more!

My blog is filled with lots of information on the Akashic Records, spiritual practice, and daily life.


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I know this is a Writing Guide and the following aren’t exactly writing — but they are resources and sources of information that you might find interesting and helpful in knowing more about me.


Most of my time goes to working directly with students and clients, but occassionally the camera catches me in action. Here’s a couple of videos to give you an idea of me in the Akashic Records.

My Videos


Wonder what folks have to say about me? Here you go …..

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Events Calendar

Every month I have Akashic Record Online Workshops and Akashic Records Master Class.

Here’s when everything happens!

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