You Define You

The way you define yourself comes from within, from your ability to trust yourself to receive truth from your heart. When you feel love-worthy, you don’t seek relationship to define you or to give yourself substance.

Seeking relationship to define you is looking outside of self for truth and validation. There is no harm in being friend, lover, spouse, or parent. However, these descriptions are of relationship and not WHO you are.

When you feel love worthy, you are aware that self-expression is self truth. Love emerges from within you and your sense of love. Love does not come from labels. Labels are distracting and create artificial limits.

When there is self-clarity, relationship supports you to be and become rather than hold you back from the truth of you.

In love-worthy, you define you. You define your truth. In the expansion of the next moment, you are prepared to define self differently as the truth of you expands to meet the new possibility now available.

In your willingness to feel worthy of love, you have defined the basis of relationship with self. You haven’t given up or denied or ignored. You have accepted as is and embraced self with love. Now any relationship with others will be formed from this personal foundation, in strength and in love. No longer defined by others, YOU lovingly define you.

Give yourself the opportunity to consider blocks to self-definition by asking yourself this question:

How do labels of relationship interfere with my sense of self truth?


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