Your Bags Came Packed

Your bag came packed to my door.

You offered several choices

And by the time you walked through

The contents was opened and relinquished

Unneeded on the floor.

Instead, and in spite of my initial resistance,

You offered your heart, wide open

And I in my shock, I let go

Of my bag, my resistance, my desire to say no.

The unknown offers so much

Choice, opportunity, boundlessness

That hearts which have been broken

Are not open always to embrace.

My brokenness hangs heavy

Tugging me towards aloofness

Tugging me away from reciprocating

A freely offered heart.

But in your eyes I feel the edges

Of my aloofness fizzle

And my heaviness lift

And in the patience of your offer,

I lift my eyes

And touch your heart and mine

Able to reciprocate at last.

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