Your Question is Your Question

Everything comes from the Akashic Records comes through intention. Within an Akashic Record Reading, questions are how intention is expressed. The question doesn’t need to be any more than “I have this issue and want to know more.” There are no right questions or wrong questions. Your question is your question.

Information vs. Process
There is, however, a variety of questions which may be asked.
One way to think about questions in the Akashic Records is to consider the difference between information questions and process questions.

Information Question
An information question seeks information, sometimes is asked in a yes or no fashion, sometimes is asked to elicit more information. Because there are no wrong questions, there is always a time and a place for the information question.

However, an Akashic Record Reading which relies solely on information questions may not get to deeper understanding. The limit develops when the asker is not confident or trusting of their own inner answer. The information question can easily be more about an outside-in experience. It’s looking for something I don’t think I know and maybe can’t know.
Yet, it is very easy to become overly focused on information. Especially in the sense that there is one and only one possible answer which you must have now.
And sometimes it is exactly the question to ask because you are asking for assistance.

Process Question
In contrast, a process question looks beyond the search for information and asks for assistance in processing thought, emotion and experience. The general intention is emotional and spiritual processing. For example, a process question goes something like, “I have an issue within me that I’m trying to figure out how to deal with and I requesting a response which helps me process and release this issue.” And it may be simply information which emerges to help the person focus on the processing. Or the Akashic Records may guide the Reading in such a way that profound release and healing is experienced.

How do you know which to ask?
The general rule of thumb is this:

What do you want to know? This is an information question.
What do you want to let go? This is a process question.

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